Does anyone hoop in the springs and want to start a group?

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Hey pretty ladies......This weekend being a holiday and all and windy as could be just isn't the best time...
But I keep up with the weather

and on thursday the 5th, its supposed to be like 65 degrees

I think that would be a perfect day. everyone back from visiting family and partying on new years...


soooooooo what does every one think?

even over the weekend, won't be as warm but still.

I am up for some hooping. I have a class coming up in 2 weeks and it would be bad if I couldn't last an hour with everyone else lol.


It's really really really nice outside!!!
I am at the library off of union on the north end of the dublin.

5550 North Union Blvd.
Colorado Springs, Co 80918

If any of you actually want to play there is a park behind it.
park in the parking lot of the library and walk towards mountains down the hill.
it's 12:30 i plan on being here at LEAST an hour playing.
if someone shows up i will stay til like 3 maybe even later.

I have poi and my doubles. B.Y.O.T(oy)

I would leave my phone number, but im just not comfortable with that.

Hey y'all,

I go to college here in the Springs and I would love to find some people to hoop with! It's difficult on my campus b/c nobody here hoops and I love flowing with other people and learning from each other. Anyway, I don't know how we're supposed to do this, but I guess friend me on here and then we could work out a meet up? 

Ming, I would love to meet up. A few have expressed interest on here, so maybe we could set a day int he park to get together soon?

Cool, I've kinda been in contact with Kat (who posted above me) about hooping. We could do this weekend or next weekend? I would say this sunday but it looks like the high is gonna be 45 and maybe I warmer day would be better (unless anyone knows of an indoor space we could use).

Yes, cold weather is a blow to the hoop. I didn't even know it was supposed to snow this morning.

We should figure out a good park to go to, that is flat, and well awesome....and kind of in the middle of all of us.

Or if someone has access to space to play in, that would be tight. lol

I live close to the America The Beautiful park so I usually suggest that one. But I'm not opposed to other parks like Palmer.

It's going to be really nice this week so I'm going to host a hoop jam on Wednesday, March 14 at the America The Beautiful park. I hope a lot of you can come join in. I'm making it for 6 so that we'll have half daylight and half dark so those with glow toys can play around with those for a bit.

Event page, please join in, invite people, etc.:

I'm in Denver but would absolutely take a trip over to the springs!! I'm free pretty much all weekend, let's definitely make it happen!  

HI everyone!

Just moved here from Southern California where I was acive in teaching hooping and the fire community. Like to meet up with you and join in a jam. Please keep me posted when anyone is getting together. 


There is a drum circle going on in the memorial park in Manitou on Thursday the 26th from 6 to 9pm. I plan to go and bring my hoops. I hear people spin poi up there a lot, too and I may bring my fire toys just in case.


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