Hello Colorado Hoopers!

It is Spring! (well it was until last weekend up here) Most of the mountains are closed and hopefully the weather will soon get back to the place it was a month ago.

I am looking for my CO hoopers for open hoop jams and such this summer! Eagle Co., Summit, Co. and Lake Co. are the closest but obviously everyone is invited.

I usually have a hoop jam at least once a week in the summer. SO my question is to you: When are your best times to have a jam? I live in Avon so the weekly one will probably be there. But maybe we can put together a bi weekly or monthly jam in Summit or Glenwood?

FEEDBACK please!!! The schedule will go up on www.highcountryhoops.com in the beginning of May so let's see what we can put together. I'm, looking forward to spinning with all of you this summer!


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Hello Lady. You obviously know my schedule as I'm workin for the weekend! Anytime M-F after 5 is cool for me. Other than that, weekends work great. I only have a few concerts on my list so far for the summer...most will probably be at State Bridge woo hoo! Let me know when you post the schedule! <3

We would love to connect with you for some Summit Spin Jams :)

Jenna, I am free for two months! So anytime works for me! Lets deff have some jams here in summit too. the riverwalk and rec center are great places! I am pretty much going to be here this summer so lets try to get together as much as possible!! You looked great at DJ logic!!

Hoop Love,



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