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Here's a place for us to share videos that inspire us to learn contortion so that we can do crazy hoop moves. This one is an oldie but a goodie and one of my favourites.

Much love,

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Thank you for starting this topic and sharing the video. To date one of my favourite contortion acts (also not super new) is the following (and hoping I embed this correctly, otherwise shall have to go back and make an edit)

Is this from "O"?
I wish I could live for a while in a giant bowl. :)
what size hoops do you think she is using?
i meant in the cirque du soleil video =)
goodness! She moves like liquid.
I actually got to see this live and it was UNREAL!!! You really had a hard time remembering which side of these girls was up!

i love cirque du soleil so much inspiration and talent its amazing

This doesn't have hooping but It's epic. Not to mention they're playing Deiverance by YANNI!!! :D


so i have been practicing contortion for the past few months and am very interested in it :) i'd love to hear any tips or advice that anyone may have. it's such a beautiful form of movement and expression, also you must become very in tune with your body...LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

Here are two videos of me experimenting with foot hooping with a leg behind my head


and then one with my leg under my armpit




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