I feel like i was much more flexible when i was little and stuff i could do then, i can't do now! hahah do you think age has something do with it or is it a matter of just stretching a lot more and putting more time into it?

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I think it might take more time to get back to your old flexibility but it's possible if you work at it and try to stretch everyday
I think you are never too old to become more flexible. It might take more time though, like Samatha said.

When I was young I was always able to do the splits... Last year I finally did it again after 12 years. But it required much more effort..
I think we were just more active and had less beliefs about our selfs when we were young....
You are NEVER to old to stretch, but you might have more build up in your muscles or
something else.. Remember that taking a couple of breaths to get into the deepest layer of a stretch is important. it is better than yanking yourself into the pose which
tightenins and can dammage tissue.
" first your mind becomes flexable then your body" -kung foo panda :)
Kung Fu Panda FTW! :D

I concur with everyone's opinion, you can never get too old for anything! :) It may require more effort than when you were a child, but the satisfaction also greatens ;)
I recall reading something on a gentleman (I believe he was over 80) who got into martial arts and or contortion, much more flexible than myself. I will look further for more on this, however for now I leave you with this


Anything worth having in life (skill or otherwise) just takes work and determination.
this is definetly my motivation. thanks!
love this! Thank you!

Being a former martial artist and now into hooping I can see where the stretches of one can aid the other...it's been a long while since I HAVE done the stretches but still retain about 80% of the flexibilty on a good day.

Am glad I stumbled on this thread as it's making me want to take my old stretching regime up again..this time with added patience, am sure with persistance, patience and a smile (gotta have one of those) it'll come back.



what kind a stretches do you do? i'm glad you stumbled onto this thread too! 

Most of mine are leg based (from tae kwon do) but I have a series of arm ones too, some of which are in my tongue in cheek-kinda arm stretch video on here (please excuse my cheesy humour, I am about 90% cheddar based comedy)

After I get a shot of coffee-based courage and wake up (and warm up!) some I shall make a video and show)

I shall not forget to either :D

when you're young your muscles, joints and ligaments havent fully developed yet and are more flexible, also we still have our childhood sense of wonder and undeveloped egos allowing us to believe we are capable of more. However as your body develops, if you dont continue to stretch and contort, your muscles grow in the way a "normal" person's would (normal being someone who doesnt stretch) and you lose that childhood flexibility. However it is never too late to stretch out again. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. The splits was very easy for me as a kid but when I tried to do it again for the first time in years last year, I was horrified to find I was unable to do it. A month later I was doing the splits and beyond. All you need to do is stretch stretch stretch every day.

I don't think age is the issue at all. Its all in your mind and how focused you are on your goal.


I was in gymnastics for years and stopped when I was 22. I always said I'd never loose my splits and bridge....but at 34 I couldn't push up in a bridge or even think about doing splits (I could barely do a good lunge). I had stopped stretching or doing strength exercise for many years.


Since starting to hoop a year ago the desire to be flexible & stronger has grown. One month ago I started taking an aerial arts and flexibility/contortion class once a week. I've had 4 classes and can do a now do a backbend again (from standing and stand back up) and my right splits are almost to the ground and my straddle splits are about 4 inches away (when I started I couldn't even get my elbows on the ground & was about a foot off the ground). I don't stretch every day but I've been trying to do it as much as I can. It may be a lot of muscle memory and I have past knowledge so I know how far I can push myself w/o getting hurt. Go slow but keep working on it.


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