Hi gang,


I am putting a costume together and I want to ware my red fuzzy leg warmers I am making.  The hot pants with fuzzy leg warmers is a HOT look, but, I don't feel comfortable revealing so much thigh.  I like how some bare skin is exposed tho, for easier hooping (I'll have my led hoop and they can be notoriously slippery!).


For some reason, I feel a short (but not too short) skirt, like a pixie skirt would be cool.  Does anyone have any websites, pictures or patterns they would like to share to  help me find inspiration?


Also, what about a top?


Dress me please and thank you!



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Check out Red Lunar Moon on Facebook.


I get tons of stuff from her and it's great!


Check out this album:


Rofl, Thanks Amanda :)

Furry leg warmers are fun with everything from long skirts with high slits to short skirts with leggings, I have lots of photos in my Facebook Gallery

I do custom design and within whatever budget you're looking for, feel free to message me if you're interested :)

and I have some pre-made items on my etsy


I just liked your page on fb: your stuff is so cool!  I love the cloaks you have above, and the little mini-gypsy skirt with tulle on the fb page, with the furry cropped hooded vest!

Some of my etsy favs are Ziggyhoopdancer, houseofvansickle, HoopFitUSA, and Red Lunar Moon


ZenAndCoffee makes awesome arm warmers... AugustMasque makes really cool hair falls (I got a custom set from her and they ROCK!)

I <3 House of Van Sickle and Zen & Coffee...great recommendations!

i agrizzle


I personally would wear a pair of leggings under the fuzzy leg warmers and skirt, but that's just me. I think a pretty shirt with flutter sleeves would look nice.

I wear this look quite a bit, so I like to change it up but keep it simple. Typically I will wear skorts, like the ones ice skaters wear so it has flow but I can hoop. I also wear dance shorts sometimes or a fun little tutu with spankies underneath. I have never got bare legged yet, mostly cuz it's so cold out, but I always wear some kind of tights. Fishnets look cool and are nice because there is skin showing so hooping is easier and sometimes I just wear plain colored leggings or something with a funky print. I like to wear camis because it keeps my shoulders bare, so anything with a fun print (I found a bright blue leopard top for 3 bucks at Kohls once) or even add your own bling to a plain top :) Let us know what you decide! I love costumes :)

Have you looked at American Apparel?

have you looked at ziggy's etsy site? she is both on here and on etsy.com. she has a great pixie petal skirt...i have one of hers and a couple rag type skirts i bought off intergalactic apparel and gaian agenda:)

You say you don't want so much thigh showing?  How about a pair of capri's with 3 circles cut out on the sides down the leg (big one on top, then smaller as they go to the knee) revealing your skin which will help with the grip? I think It would look great!  I can sew and I'm going to start making some hoop clothes.  My current job (company) is moving out of my town and I'm going to need an alternative income source.  I will hopefully get a store open on Etsy by summer.  Hope you check it out and like what comes up!


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