I am sorry but I musttttt admit something to all you fellow hoopers, I totallyyyy started hooping in order to not only get more in touch with my feminine side, but because its sexy too dammit LOL!!  I totally think if you know to hoop well, you can seduce any man or woman on the planet lmaooooo!!  I am already thinking for Halloween this year, of wearing like a preppy sorta school type outfit, and making a matching sorta plaid hoop to go with it hehe, and getting my hoop on somewhere downtown with other friends I hope ;)  I think there is nothing wrong with showing more skin while hooping, because its such a free and releasiing thing to hoop.  I think others get offended that hoopers are thought of as "slutty" or that their outfits are too revealing but I see nothing wrong it at all :)  I've seen some pretty modestly dressed hoopers in outfits, and wow the responses were like from nuns or something just cuz they showed some arms and leg flesh to be seen with their outfits!  I think you hoop your personality, and its released through the energy of the hoop lol!  I like wearing sexy skirts and really getting the hips going when I get my flow on, cuz its sexy,, so does that make me evil?? *grinz*

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i think it' s sexy too and cool to wear sexy outfits.I have tried  doing it itvhout any clothes and in high heels in the privacy of my own home to see what it feels like.I think i look better in some clothing(haha) but sex y, definitely.Will always be jealous women though, let's face it.I am 56 and have bee give te attitude look plenty from women and I just laugh to myself, cause I been dealing with attitudes crap from judgemental girls  and it feels like they are still at about jr high level and sorry if they can't handle a sexy older woman with the wisdom of age.So yea, do sexy and have  fun. It's like belly dancing and that's accepted as a sexy thing. ok I think I just used the w ord sexy about 100 times
hahaha, you must friend add me immediately hugsss!!! I LOVE your attitude, and I agree too!! Its funny you said with the heels, because just the other night I totally was hooping in a pair of high heels, sexy skirt and knee stockings lmaooo!!  Its the turning and spins that get tricky though, so I tried as many tricks as I could staying in basically one place :)  As for naked hooping, I would but lets just say I have certain appendages that make that one a bit risky lmaooo *blushes*!!  I'm more into the sexy outfit thing anyway, I'm a costume lover so I feel more "naked" that way anyway if that makes sense ;)  I just turned 39 this May, but to look at me many think I'm still in my 20s and some even younger if ya can believe it hehe, and now hooping has made me feel even younger and more playful!  I say rock ittt girl,,who cares your age, do you and do SEXY hehehe!!
ok a pic which i didn't get u up b4
damnnnn girl, no wayyyy are u 56!! You and me should set up a guess our age booth and clean up $$$$$$ lmao!!  So glad to have met another fellow hooper now that I can relate to with the stuff I love to wear when hooping :)


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