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Do you have a favorite Esty Store or designer? Maybe you have your own store. Post a link to the store and share your discovery with other hoopers.

I really love her fuzzy booties!

Sweet Hip Belts

Much love,

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I like this website alot! they have alot of crazy stuff :) awesome if you're looking for anything colorful (and FURRY)...fake fur so its ok
good to check out for inspiration if you like to make your own clothes too

One thing i might add, you can't fire hoop in pretty much any of these peices, the material would burn. but they would look killer for led or regular hooping :)
Oh I LOVE their stuff. I've never purchased but several friend's have their items. Babz could be a model for ilanio, she's got tons of sweet costumes from them.
www.freespirithoops.com links to my etsy store! :D
If i didn't have a bad allergy to metal, that fork bracelet would be MINE! so cool.
I just found these ladies and oh my goodness i am in Love! Bustle Skirts Fancy Pants Yum Yum

http://LadyDiCreations.etsy.com Ruffle Pants Vaudeville skirts yummy

http://damselinthisdress.etsy.com Oooh Corsets!

OK I have So many Etsy favorites but these are a few......
also my etsy store http://dancinginthecircle.etsy.com you can check out my favorites from this page There is a ton of awesome stuff that I lust after : )
I really like what I am seeing at both Lady Di Creations and Damsel in this dress. Thanks for sharing!
I would love to trade someone costuming for hoops! This is my hoop shop www.thehiprevolution.etsy.com - nothin too crazy yet but we'll be there shortly! :)

Any advice for a newb on costuming? I m actually doing a burlesque performance with a hoop on the 3rd of September and am in desperate need!
LoLa- what kind of burlesque act is it? Do you have a character/storyline? Hit me with some details and I can help you out with ideas. I make all my hoop burlesque costumes. :)
Hello! Ugh! I cant explain my frustration- first I was doing a fire dance, but then we swtiched venues- the show is in 2 and a half weeks and I dont have a costume or a song! Just a gig! Haha, thats reversed right? Do you have any youtube vids of your dance?
Check out www.etsy.com

It's an on-line marketplace where makers of handmade goods, as well as sellers of vintage items & crafting supplies, create their own shops. It's free to join as a buyer and ETSY charges sellers a small fee for each item they add, along with taking a % of each sale. It's a neat site, but running a shop there requires a lot of time and updating. The community is welcoming, but competative.
Etsy is amazing and shares the spirit of many hoopers- check it out! www.etsy.com
finally got a few new things made up on my Etsy and my new shop started since the house fire!

and added some new pics to my website


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