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soooo im fiya hooping at a masquerade party and I need some help with my outfit design..would it be a bad idea to wear a mask? Should i not put feathers on it? ( grrrr even tho i really want too!) and I was thinking a tube top so that won't be a problem, shoes won't be a problem cause I do everything barefoot, but what about a skirt? or what kind of bottoms?

gimme some help you lovely ladies!<3333

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I perform with fire and am very cautious with what i wear, its really not a risk worth taking in a performance. People understand that danger and are amazed by what you are doing, not what youre wearing. I wouldn't wear a mask in fire dance and definitely not one with feathers. I love hooping in tube tops but i did a fire performance last week, i had a tube top under a tank and the tube top fell down and it was terrible cause I thought I was about to pop out! Just warning ya, if I didn't have the tank on over it I would have been very exposed! I preferfire hooping in pants or shorts, skirts seem to maybe get in the way. Just avoid fringey or anything hanging off!
Paint! Mask painted on yor face, maybe plain black clothes so the face stands out, some color around your wrists, maybe even paint the clothes.... You could do body painting as well. You could make "feather" out of some wispy pieces of leather so sort of give the effect of the feathers
thanks guys! ill wear something with straps for sure and some leggings, probably paint the face orange red and yellow and wear all black like you suggested, maybe orange and yellow glow stick braclets too, and body paint is a must... and no feathers haha, thank you loveys, ill post what i create<333
also keep in mind that most leggings have a high amount of synthetic fiber in them which is something you should avoid when fire spinning other wise you may end up with napalm legs
If you ever need a hand coming up with ideas, feel free to message me or check out my FB Gallery. I custom design hooping costumes and I have a variety of fire-safe fabrics.
thanks dahhling, unfortunetly the fire marshall shut me down and so i won't be performing at this particular masquerade but I have shows in the future that I will most certainly need your assistance, thank you sister<33


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