Hey Everyone! I started a seperate playlist that I use only when I'm hooping. Even though i have a bunch of different music artists in this playlist, I've realized that I skip over a lot of songs and always end up dancing to either Beats Antique, Sweet Snacks or Bassnectar.

Does anybody know of any music that is similar in style? I need to expand my playlist.

Peace, love and fire,


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I love Oremi, or Janakta Selekta. I prefer instrumental to lyrical for classes, b/c it distracts me to sing along (sorry Michael Franti). My own personal hoop practice though, it's Michael Franti all the way. Love him!
Going through my music now... check out Blue Stone > World's Apart. SiSe. Thievery Corporation > Richest Many in Babylon. Hope you like some of this, all pretty different.
I'm going to suggest a few music choices that aren't exactly the same genre, but awesome hooping music.

Shpongle, I used to hoop to Shpongle every day when I was first learning how to hoop. They're remix album is awesome.
Explosions In The Sky
Goddess Alchemy Project
Tantric Lounge

These are probably my favorites to hoop to, hope you find joy in hooping with them too :)

Love and Light
Bassnectar is one of my favorites as well... I love his music.

Here are some others in this genre...Pretty Lights (their music is free www.prettylightsmusic.com.) I also I love hooping to Elliot Lipp, Two Fresh, and Emancipator.

If you want to expand your music listen even further. Go to last.fm and type in bassnectar. It'll make a "Bassnectar radio" and filter through artist like him that you might enjoy. You can do this with any artist on last.fm. and it's better than Pandora in my opinion, they have more music there. I actually found artists like Sphongle, and i couldn't on Pandora. just sayin'

Hope i've helped!
Two Fresh is pretty awesome, I saw them play with Big Gigantic in Chicago earlier in the year and they absolutely KILLED it! Everyone was up and dancing... if I remember correctly I did some hooping to them as well and had a fabulous time.
Shpongle, EOTO, Pretty Lights, Infected Mushroom, Spoonfed Tribe, Glitch Mob, Shibaten Spirits, Tool , and the Grateful Dead are a few of my favorites along with the artists you listed as well.
I forgot STS9!!!!
& always the grateful dead <3
pretty lights or sts9 <3 i love them!
Balkan Beat Box or Gogol Bordello!
I really dig Telepath, they were/are touring w/ Beats Antique. =D
Have you tried using any online radio sites like Pandora.com? I've found that Pandora.com is a pretty good resource for finding similar music to what I like to listen to. (or hoop to :D )

Check it out!


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