When my Hubby gets paid Friday he said I could buy me a PolyPro hoop!  I am super excited I have wanted one for a long time since I keep hearing wonderful things.  My question is will I be up to a polypro ?   I have been hooping for about 3 1/2 - 4 years now roughly.  However , I am still a big girl.  My go to hoop right now is a 38" , I can hoop with a 36" hoop.  Would I need to special order one at 38"?   Or should I give the 36" inch a shot ?  I am worried it might be a little too fast for me.   Soo.. any plus size girls with a poly pro that could give me a bit of advice.  Also,  where would you recommend buying the poly pro ?

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I'm using a 40" polypro in my last three videos, and I also have a 50" polypro that breaks down into minis.  I love all of them, and I won't go back to the old black tubing now.


I bought my polypro from McMaster-Carr, but there's a hoop company online, www.hoopsupplies.com, that sells both the tubing and the entire DIY hoop kit.  Their tubing prices are better than McMaster, and I would guess their shipping is better too.  Plus, when you buy from them you're supporting the hoop community. :)


Give it a go.  You might want to start with a 38 or even 40" hoop until you get used to how fast and light polypro is.  Once you get the hang of it, you probably won't want to use anything else.

Thank you!  That makes me feel better about purchasing one.  I was worried I just wouldn't be up to it, because they say it is faster.   I read an article on how to make the polypro hoops.  Seems to have alot that goes into it.  That is why I was thinking about just purchasing one.  I will look at the DIY kit on hoopsupplies.com.  TY again


You're welcome! 


There is a bit of time, effort and money in the front end of making a polypro hoop, but once you've bought the tools and made a hoop or two, you'll find it easy to whip one out in a matter of minutes.  You just cut the hoop tube and a little piece of skinnier tube for the connector, slip the connector into the ends of the hoop, drill a couple of holes, install two pop rivets and quick-release button if you're doing a collapsible hoop or four pop rivets if you're not making it collapsible, and sand or tape your finished hoop. 


I use my dad's cordless drill for the hole making, so my initial tool investment was less than $40 for a ratcheting PVC pipe cutter, a pop rivet gun , box of rivets and some quick-release buttons.  I make all of my hoops collapsible now; polypro coils down easily, and some bungee cords or velcro strips hold it together while you're traveling.  Well worth the investment because once you have everything, you can make your own hoops for a lot less than it would cost to buy a hoop and have it shipped to you.  Also, there's the pride of knowing you made it yourself, and there's also the fact that you can tailor the size and tape design of the hoop to your exact needs.

I use a 38ish" pp and its great!  I know ppl say PP can't be that big but I have had no issues with mine, even doign quicker breaks and all. PLus I think the extra effort to anticipate where it wil be is great for an aerobic workout! PP makes me smile :))) Good luck and def go with hoop supplies.com they rock, and if you dotn want to use rivets then just put one piece of tape ofver the connector that works wonders! and is simple

anna where did you end up buying your polypro?

I actually haven't bought it yet.  I am having a hard time deciding.  I think I am leaning towards Superhooper though.  Do you have any suggestions.  I know I dont want to go through the trouble of making my own, and I have bought hoops from superhooper before.


I have upgraded to a pp and I do love it. I am adding some extra grip tape right now to give it a little more weight cuz I am not ready for the speed yet, but I do like the feel. :)

Update us, Anna - did you finally go polypro?

I am WAY behind.  I got pregnant again last July and had my second son in March.  I did go poly Pro but I have to admit.. I am still not 100% fan of it.  I like the HDPE tubing better. 

Update a year later! lol I never went poly pro.. I bought them and didnt like them.  Instead I am an HDPE girl 100% for my dance hoops.

Totally understand - everyone has different ideas of what works best for them. I'm still a polypro girl, but I've been using my HDPE travel hoop during lunch breaks at work for a quick 20-minute workout when the weather is good.


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