Super Hooper is now making PolyPro hoops up to size 42" for the same price as their original 36" polypro.   I am super excited about this because I have been having debates on purchasing of a polypro hoop with not being able to order one directly in my size.  As of right now when you load the page it only shows up to 36" in the options, however if you hit refresh on your browser it will have up to a 42" option under options.  I am ordering twins. .  Happy Hooping!

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Thank you for spreading the word about this! I just wrote a detailed article that may help with understanding the nuances of Polypro. Big Love! - Lara
Think polypro hoops have to be small? Hogwash! Think you have to be a pro to use one? Pshaw. Here's the down-low on the newest and most misunderstood hoop tubing. Make your polypro in whatever size you want.


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