Do you think differently, feel different spiritually? Have you become more or less political or aware? Have you made many changes since you started your dreads? Or are dreads just a "hairstyle" to you that you really dig? Or perhaps it was the other way around-- changes you went through that inspired you to start your locks?

Before I started my dreadlocks, I would hear people say that they were spiritually changed or otherwise "awakened" because of them. I could never really understand it. But I've had mine for just 7 months now and I recently realized how much I've changed and how much life has opened up for me and somehow I feel like it's at least partially related to my dreads. It's hard to fathom that such a thing as not combing my hair can alter my perspective. But it must be much more than that.

What has been your experience?

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yeah im pretty much the same as you... I have changed a lot since I first got dreads. I have allowed myself to open up more to new and happy things that have allowed to to grow.. but... i feel like i probly maybe would of grown..but idk could be?

I am with you two.

My family was never into long hair and telling me to cut it cut it and cut it.  Now I almost never even half to wash it. 

So I believe that I am becoming more animal like to in growth not instinct though I am vegan but not raw.  My hair has turned to dreads and if it takes to every hair that goes down my back it would be fur.  So as it stands dreads could be rope turn into fur or could be antenna. 


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