Howdy Dreadys :)

So I'm getting my dreads Sunday/Monday upcoming and I'm having a hard time deciding between the braiding method and the backcomb method. Thoughts?

Also, does anyone have any words of wisdom or words or encouragement regarding this decision? I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Much Love and Light

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I keep my dreads wrapped. They stay clean, it is much more city.
the backcombing method works way better in my eyes!! although the braiding method is probly easier on your hair. I back combed mine- they turned out really awesome! It was such an awesome process! Patience is everything though. Things may not look tight and knotty at first but they come alive and do their own thing with time. I believe in you! :) good luck! *hugs
thanks so much for your input :) i definitely am excited and i'm pretty sure i'm going to go with backcombing. i had the opportunity to help put dreads in my friend's hair back in april, so i've watched the process. i just hope i don't look too goofy :) and i'm excited for the poofy starting period.
In the beginning, it's like having a pillow attached to your head. Super soft to sleep on, haha. I wore them under a bandana until they calmed down as my shadow resembled sideshow bob. I had mine backcombed, it took a good 8 hours and I had the worst migraine of my life BUT it was absolutely worth it. Put on a movie and go for it!
Yeah, I'm definitely ready for the pain of it. I am a little concerned about how short they are going to be. My hair is about 2 inches or so past my shoulders in the front and a little longer in the back. Do you think they'll shrink up past my ears?
yay! I did the back combing method with perm solution. That introduced chemicals that you may not want in your hair, but i have to say it worked awesome and my dreads are the prettiest ones ever! I love them and would never go back.
Happy dreads to you! and post some pics for us!
I have Afro hair so I will hold off giving any advice, but good luck with your outcome & welcome to the dreadlocked community!!! I love dreadlocks, theyre just so easy to live with. I got mine around 17 years ago and havent looked back (-:
Wow! 17 years?! That's amazing. Is it just a hairstyle to you or is there a journey involved for you? If there has been, how has it evolved for you?
Did you get your dreads started?

I started mine with two strand twists about seven months ago. I had long hair, like below bra strap and they are now above my shoulders! Whew. But I have very curly hair to begin with and was never at a loss for tangles and knots. Combing sessions used to be horrendous.

I'm very happy I made the decision to lock my hair. There have been days that my hair looked pretty bad, especially month four and five for some reason! But I never think of taking them out. I love watching how they change. I love experiencing how they are changing me.
I started mine first with the back combing method about 5 months ago and I didnt like them so I brushed them out. About a month ago I did the twist and rip method and I love them. To me it just took less time, they looked prettier when I got done and they are pretty tight when done correctly. That's only for my hair though. I have seen many dreads that were created with the backcomb method and they are beautiful.

I always recommend Harriet's videos because she has tons of information on dreads and pretty much answers anything you can think of asking. She's also very nice when I have had to ask her some of my own questions regarding dreads.

Good luck on your dread journey and definitely post pics when you get them done!

bacombing is awesome. so is twist and rip.

ive had my locks for two years, no wax, minimal work.

they are far from perfect, but full of kinks and personality.


you coulddddd braid, then bacomb. in my oppinion stay away from waxs, and non-veggi based soaps. build up, is no fun. i say do a little bit of all, try different things, depending on your hair type it will be a hit and miss process.


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