Hello fellow hoopers,

First I would like to introduce myself. I am Aaron, an event coordinator with the Alberta Cancer Foundation. I recently moved here from the East Coast (PEI) and started with the foundation in April. After seeing the size of the events that we run I wanted to incorporate a new, fresh entertainment value to our events; hooping!


I would like to make a call for any and all hoopers to join the Alberta Cancer Foundation and it's many events that we run provincially. If you're up for it, give me a shout (780-423-2220) and let's have a chat. :)




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This is definitely something that I would like to be a part of, however I dont drive, and am on a fairly tight schedule with my new job training at the spa.

Hello Alycia,

It is a pleasure to hear from you. If you have some time, would you be able to give me a shout to discuss options for you? 1-877-394-9255.


Thanks Alycia, chat with you soon.

I should have a lot more time this spring & summer hopefully. Erm this will be the only way to contact me for awhile

Are you still looking for hoopers?


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