I am so excited to be in Paris to share my unique vision of Belly Hoop Dance as well as Hoop Burlesque. If you would like to help make this happen, please donate at: http://goquests.com/go/m/fundraiser/view/Send-Unity-Austin-to-Paris

Saturday, Jan 21st, 8:30pm
Theatre Adyar
4 Square Rapp
75007 Paris
To purchase tickets and for more info: http://www.weezevent.com/Festival-bellyFusions-21-01

Learn to incorporate hoop dance into your belly dance technique! Sharing common movements and philosophy; these two dance forms meld into a sexy, powerful fusion of expression. We will make circles with our bodies as we spin circles around our body. Hoop dance is a revolutionary way to exercise, express yourself and have fun! A beautiful new tool that perfectly accents belly dancing. This will add to your belly dance moves and make them stronger! Hooping tones your core arms and legs. Bellydancers find hoop dance to be a natural extension of their existing passion. It's a playful release. Spiral of Bliss!

*Handmade Hoops will be available to borrow or for sale at the workshop, check them out: http://unityhoops.com/catalog

Sunday, Jan 22nd, 12:30pm-2:30pm
Studio Blanca Li
7 rue des Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris
To reserve your spot in this workshop, go to: http://www.weezevent.com/bellyfusions-ws2012

For more info on the BellyFusions Festival, go to: http://www.bellyfusions.com/

Multi-taking at it's best...Hoop Burlesque! Tap into your seductive Circus freak! Hoop Dance is a revolution in dance, exercise and performance art. When paired with Hooping, Burlesque takes on a whole new level of entertainment. This workshop include an introduction into the basics of Hoop Dance as well as how to fuse it with the art of the tease. It will be a fun way to feel empowered by embracing and loving your body! Bring gloves and a hat to play with! Handmade Hoops will be available to borrow or to purchase at the workshop. Check them out: http://unityhoops.com/catalog

Thursday, Jan 26th, 8pm-9:30pm
Centre Barbara
1 Rue De Fleury
75018 Paris
Registration info coming soon!

HOOP BURLESQUE SHOW - Bal des Filles de Joie
Sunday, Jan 29th, Time TBA
La Bellevilloise
19-21 Rue Boyer
75020 Paris
More info coming soon!

Burning Night
Une BURNING NIGHT est un évènement inspiré de BURNING MAN mélangeant Art, Fête et Expériences immédiates. Une Zone d'Autonomie Temporaire autour des valeurs de BURNING MAN.

Saturday, Jan 28th, 10pm-6am
La Machine du Moulin Rouge
90 blvd de Clichy
75018 Paris

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