I'm obese, and have been for at lest eight years now, perhaps ten. I've started to do more active and regular work outs in the last week and a half then I have in over five years. And while I love the fact that I've lost five pounds already, I'm worried about some of the other things that have been happening.

Let me say first that I have been drinking lots of water, and VitaminWater. I've also been eating three meals a day. Most days I don't have any fast food, normally my worst is a soft taco or some pizza. I've quit soda, of all kinds. And I'm working out at lest an hour a day, with two rest days a week. (my bf and I like to visit friends and I don't have a travel friendly hoop yet. My hoop is 42 inchs)

The third and fourth days I was working out I had head aches, pulsing large area head aches that started at the out sides of my eyes and worked their way to the back of my head. This week I've been having indigestion issues. I had to stop hooping to run to the bathroom. (explosive issues, sorry for TMI) 

I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me with the information I've put forth. I'd like to reassure everyone that I'm in good health besides my weight. And I'm not going to stop hooping.

A purge of some sort, maybe a water fast, or veggie fast or something is needed? I've ate poorly for years, thinking that I'd start taking care of myself tomorrow, and tomorrow never came. So now I'm worried that I may need to get a little extreme. Any ideas of how to do so safely?

(I'm 25, 5'5", 220lbs, not sure if those stats will be helpful in your advice.)

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I'm no expert, so I don't know how helpful I'll be, but I'll definitely give you my input. Make sure to give it time. It took you 8-10 years to get where you're at. You can't lose weight overnight. Losing weight is a lifestyle change mentally and physically. Don't give up, look at each day as a new start. You'll have good days and bad days. Don't push yourself too fast too quickly. It's not uncommon for exercise to get your bowels moving, that's normal. What you eat is important, but exercise is just as important. You need to make sure your well rounded. Hooping is great exercise, but don't forget other vital forms of exercise. Do both cardio and strength training. I'd alternate focus on cardio M W F and strength training Tue. Thurs Sat. Rest Sunday. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Strength training is essential sculpting your body and losing fat. Buy a few hand weights, check out a few books, do lunges, wall pushups. etc. Flexibility helps too make sure to stretch before and after a work out. The more variety you have the less you'll get bored. yoga, pilates, running, walking, step aerobics, water aerobics swimming, mountain biking, road biking, weight lifting, zumba, spinning, roller blading, roller skating, ice skating, and of course hooping. Set some goals and weekly evaluate your progress. Only weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day and then write it down. If possible find a buddy. You'll be more successful if you have a partner and are accountable to someone. You are more likely not to skip out on workouts with a buddy as well. If you get dizzy or fatigue step it down a notch, don't hoop as hard or just walk to finish up your hour workout. As for food. Have a food diary, if you have the money buy a body bug http://www.bodybugg.com/ You have to calorie count. It's a simple formula calories in calories out. Do the pound for pound challenge. http://www.pfpchallenge.com/ it's a great way to stay motivated. Also set exercise goals like participating in a race of some sort, even if it's just to walk a 5 K. If you have something to train for you can stay focused better and you feel an accomplishment when you achieve it. Anyway hope some of this helps. Good luck, it's definitely worth all the pain and time it takes!
go to livestrong.com and use the tools there. They have calorie tracking, fitness tracking and all sorts of great stuff. I love that website and all the basics are free.
Awesome suggestion Trina and Lissa! Calorie counting gives me shivers in a very bad way, but I know that it's something that I need to do.
A great way to track calorie intake are apps on smart phones if you have one. I have the I-phone and I use the my fitness app. It shows how much sugar, fats, vitamins, calories, etc I intake a day. It also tells u how many calories you are burning when you do exercises. Basically you put in your current weight, then you put in what you are trying to achieve...example I am trying to lose 2 pounds a week which is a healthy and a pretty realistic goal. It will track your progression, as well as keep you aware of what you are eating. A lot of restaurant items are programed in the app as well, so you always know what the calorie/fat content is. It has been a slow process, and I know it can be really hard to be patient. My biggest struggle is fried food. It has been inspiring reading some of these forums and getting ideas for raw smoothies and other healthy ways to eat better.
How recently have you given up soda? The headaches could be as simple as caffeine withdraws. I tried to stop my diet coke habit cold turkey, and found out that was the wrong way to go. Slowly widdling down is much kinder to your body.

As far as the indigestion goes, I get me some serious heartburn when I work out. And we're not alone!! A lot of people do. http://www.qualityhealth.com/heartburn-gerd-articles/how-avoid-hear...

Keep working at it, I am too. I've started the road to lose 70-80 pounds (& I have PCOS which makes weight loss a little more difficult and slow... VERY frustrating to me). If you want an online buddy, maybe we can lean on each other for support. :) Oh, another website, that I find really helpful, and its free, sparkpeople.com.
I gave up caffeinated soda a month ago, I was drinking Canadian dry Ginger ale and other clear sodas on a regular basis. It is nice to know that we are not alone in the indigestion department, I'll go get me some tums and be ready to run to the loo.

I'd love to hook up as net buddies! :-D !!!
Yayeee... I'm a little bit of a dork. :P

Very cool, well... here we go on the road to self-improvement! :D
i used to drink 10+ regular sodas per day :( i switched to caffeine-free and it took me a few months to get over the caffeine headaches. when i cut out soda almost completely (i have about 1 per month now) i had headaches again, from sugar withdrawal. but it is totally worth it to keep it up! you are doing great so far, and yes it will take time, but you are changing your life every single good choice you make!!!

if you are interested in online accountability, PM me :)
I'm not a nutritionist or anything, but I would bet that the headaches are from your body adjusting to the new regimen. Your body is going to detox and work out built up toxins through sweat and, yes, bowel movements. However, dire trips to the toilet mid-workout aren't necessarily bad, and happen to a lot of people. Exercise is like a natural laxative and gets things moving.

Congratulations on working on your health! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Be sure to be gentle with yourself, mind and body, and not to push it too hard too fast. I'm excited to hear about your journey to better health!
:-D Thanks Betherann! Hearing again and again that my issues are not unusual, and perhaps positive really helps. I was honestly worried for a bit.
I too am not a professional, but I agree with Betherann - that it would surely have something to do with your body having a little shock to the system with your new regime.

Just a question though, forgive my naïvety, but what is 'vitamin water'? If it is anything like what we call such a thing here in Australia, it is likely full of salt and sometimes diff sorts of sugars (and artificial alternatives to sugar), which might be acting as a sort of saline cleanse to your bowels (sorry for TMI)??
Never TMI when it comes to health issues, I've worked as a caregiver :D. As far as the Vitamin Water goes, it's sort of a sports drink. I went looking for their home page, but it looks like they are only using their facebook page at the moment, link.


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