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We all know that hooping is great for the mind, body and soul but I find it interesting that so many non hoopers always ask how many calories it burns. I've read that it can burn up to 600 calories in an hour and I completely believe this! It's only a matter of minutes before my heart is racing as fast as it can go.

Have you lost any weight since beginning to hoop?

Share your story. Did you notice it happening in the beginning of your hooping or did it take awhile before it had an effect? Did you change your style of hooping before you noticed the change? Feel free to share before and after pictures to help inspire others and share advice on how to use hooping as a fitness activity.

I lost about 10 pounds; which is shocking since I was already pretty small! The biggest difference I've noticed is a change in my stamina for dancing and increased flexibility in my legs.

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hi hoopers! well this is a tricky one...as i made a pact with myself to stop going by weight but by clothes and measurements instead. My clothes definately feel quite loose, and a number of friends have commented that my tummy is a lot flatter wich i have noticed too (and im always the last to notice positive changes!!). The first place i put weight on is my tummy/hip 'tyre' then thighs then arms so i do try to do at least a song or 2 of really hard core gypsy tunes everyday and do a lot of arm work cos it definately seems to strengthen them. I think sustaining on your chest with your arms up in the air for a song then relaxing for a song and then repeating is amazing for the old waist and abs too. Ive always had to be really careful with what i eat as I was born with a beautiful pair of child-bearing hips(!) and messed my motabolism up through an eating disorder when i was in my teens, but eating healthy natural foods and hooping, as well as cycling cos i dont have a car seems to be maintaining my body as a uk12ish and toning me up which is what im startign to realise is the main thing... I think the most important thing for me though is that it makes me so unbelievably happy and light and energised when i hoop to good music that i feel so 'within' myself that i just wanna look after my body like the temple that it is! xx
"I think the most important thing for me though is that it makes me so unbelievably happy and light and energised when i hoop to good music that i feel so 'within' myself that i just wanna look after my body like the temple that it is!"

Amen to that! ; )
This is inspiring! Keep it up! Also I'm excited to learn chest hooping now. I'll defiantly try out what you're talking about :-D
i am so happy to have gotten an invitation to join this group :)

i started hooping in January 2009. while i haven't lost any weight, i haven't gained any either which has been a long struggle for me. i firmly believe it is because of hooping!
I honestly don't believe I have lost weight; technically, I've gained weight because of all the muscle mass I now have. I danced for 7 years and did marching band/color guard for 4 years and I have never been this toned and flexible. My thigh muscles are naturally bulky (think gymnast build) and they are so toned, along with my abs!

I'm trying to not focus on the scale and just focus on how the body actually looks. I'm the same weight now as I was in high school yet I wear a smaller size due to the muscle mass. I used to focus on the number on the scale and it's just not worth it to me -- at the time I worried about gaining weight, I was 92 pounds @ 22 years old and looked absolutely sickly, esp. to my mom. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, whom I met at that time, and the last 15 months of hooping, I'm healthier and happier with my body.
So much love and hugs for you! We are all beautiful. I know that this is several months old, but reading it I couldn't help but send you positive energy. Keep it up!
hey y'all--yes, i seem to have lost some wieght and definitely toned up more. that's also a result of changing my diet which i started before i began hooping regularly. i tend to eat only vegetables,grains and fruit, very light on meat, dairy, alcohol and sweets...seems to have worked. i all ties in together-- the hooping, the diet, the attitude---i feel better all over after i hoop no matter what.
Wow...this is interesting! I was paying big bucks to work out with a trainer regularly at the gym (one day Tiger was working out next to me and I heard him chuckle over my exasperatedness over those horrible "up-down" exercises. As a side, he seemed to really adore his wife...). I pretty much hated those Biggest Loser type exercises and running on the treadmill at a 9.0 made my hips ache. After seeing a girl hooping on the beach in Costa Rica, I was determined to give it a go and soon after eliminated my membership to the gym. I hoop for an hour 4-5 days a week. My sports watch says I get my heart rate above 90 and have burned 750 cal in a session. I have since lost another 5 pounds and I fit into a dress I wore at my engagement party 15 years ago. The best part is the spiritual renewal I get each day and the joy over putting my headphones on and spinning all over the place in the park with reckless abandon! (One day I heard a couple on a bench say they thought they were being Punk'd, I was being so silly!) Have fun and the hard stuff will just magically happen!
0.0 Freaking awesome!
I lost 40 pounds in about 6-7 months from just hooping. I've lost 100 pounds over the last 3 years (the first 60 I walked off/stopped eating crap), got a little more to go.
Hooping has been a beautiful process for me. Gradually over the past year and 8 months (hooping flight time) I have lost ~20lbs.. which means I'm back to the size I was when I was active with sports in high school. My mind-body perception got a little blurry for a while, and I didn't even realize how unhealthy I felt. No more of that!!! Some people that I talk with about my weight loss sigh a little and say I am already small and don't take me seriously.. but I tell them it doesn't matter what size you are.. it's always the right time to get healthy and feel good.

I agree, Rebekah! I feel more in tune with myself to where I want to take care of me. It feels too good to feel good to accept anything else! I am more conscious with food choices.. more active during the day.. and because of it feel amazing. Most importantly is has strengthened my core!
I really think this took off at the beginning of this year.. when I hooped more regularly (and with more serious sessions!) yet I started to see effects from day 1.

Hooping definitely burns a lot of calories! A lot of people ask me that, too. I don't know how many exactly.. but I do know it does WONDERS! :)
That is about the amount I have to lose. Now I know it can be done, thank you!


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