so i've seen many people posting on here about eating healthier and staying away from certain foods and products and whatnot. i would love to try all this but after reading article after article about this being bad, that being seems that EVERYTHING is bad for you. now, that doesn't mean go indulge on burgers since we're going to be unhealthy anyway but in a way i find it pointless to give some things like milk up. i read an article today about yogurt having corn syrup in it then i also saw that my kelloggs corn flakes had corn syrup too O_o, i know its corn flakes but jeez. anyway, this is another thing i read which disappointed me even more:

"Perhaps the saddest aspect is that corn syrup is categorized as “all natural.” Yes, the US Government recognizes corn syrup as an “all natural” ingredient. So the next time one buys that “all natural” food product, you may be getting corn syrup."


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Greek yogurt is awesome! Lots of protein and no fat and you can buy it organic! If you haven't seen it yet you should watch food maters & food inc, it will completely change the way you think about the foods we eat. I think both are on netflix. Aside from what's actually in your food I think eating balanced is a key to eating healthier. It is terrifying the things that are in our foods. But once you start eating balanced you will be able to feel the difference. Its better to eat your vitamins in your food than it is to take vitamin supplements. Your body more easily absorb the vitamins in your food. The USDA of something like has a government website you use to track your foods to make sure you are eating balanced but i don't trust the gov't and you can't really use it to meausure your balance. I would suggest using a website that you can log food in that will show you your nutritional intake; your percentages of fat to protein to carbs; your fat, colesterol, and sodium; and your vitamins. You will likely be surprised and find out you need to make some adjustments to your diet. I thought I ate pretty healthy then I through a website that I logged my food in I found out I consume 3x the amount of sodium that is recommended for weight and height, I am way under on fiber, way over on carbs, way under on fiber, and way under on calcium.


Buying truly good foods is unfortunately is really expensive, I try to buy the things I eat the most in organic. I read the labels on everything and I mean everything! If it doesn't have a lebel on it like if its produce i look it up in a database on the website i use. I try not to buy processed foods but I ill admit I do and I do eat them because of convenience. reading labels and ingredient lists is a good way to figure out if what you are about to eat is truly good for you.  If I can't understand the ingredients I try not to buy it. Like sugar vs fake sweetners- sugar is always better take the calories and work them into your balanced nutrition, same with sour cream- the regular is better than the low fat or fat free,same with butter vs margarine. Once they start reducing things that are naturally there they have to replace them with chemicals and sodium to make up for it.

I agree with the greek yogurt. Also known as Fage (pronounced fah-yeh). My roommate taught me to mix some muesli with the yogurt and let sit overnight to rehydrate the oats and dried fruit and then eat it in the morning with drizzles of honey to sweeten. Delicious and a great way to start the day. It's all natural and whole grain.


For lunch I love to make a baked potato in the oven. I drizzle olive oil on the potato and some kosher salt and pepper and bake on 400 for about 20 mins. Then i put a tiny bit of butter, some cheese, sour cream (low fat) and turkey bacon. Yum!

I think at first it's really frustrating, because you find yourself going, "well what CAN I eat?!?" and there are always going to be articles about what's bad for you but never enough on describing the things your body needs and will love. I personally have completely cut out dairy, MSG in all its forms, sugar, partially and fully hydrogenated oils, refined grains, caffeine, meat products that aren't ethically sourced and organic, excessive sodium and replacing with Himalayan sea salt when making my own things, sodium nitrate/nitrite/benzoate, and there is probably more, lol, but while it was difficult at first, I'm finding it's mostly about replacements. For example, I love rice and noodles, but instead of eating white, I now get the whole grain. Or instead of vegetable broth, I get vegetable stock that says "no MSG no sodium" on it. Yogurt made from coconut milk and no sugar instead of dairy. Switches like that may cost an extra dollar or two, but totally worth it, in my opinion. My health comes before money, and if we (my husband and I) need to, we are both all for cutting back in another area to free up more money for healthier eating. We feel SO MUCH BETTER, and it has become a joy to eat this way. I feel like I am doing something beneficial for my body and myself, and I'm promoting health and life rather than poisoning my body.


I started off going around the grocery store picking up every item I usually would buy and reading the ingredients. I would have to put most of it back. I thought those Wheat Thins crackers were actually healthy! Vegetable shortening and sugar- bleck. I'm honestly repulsed by all this stuff now. I restructured my diet back in early August, and the first few months if I hadn't been so strict on myself, I would have probably allowed for some "treats" every now and then with no problem. Now I cannot even fathom eating some of this crap; it sounds so repulsive to me. I got a gift card for a restaurant yesterday, and I thought to myself, "maybe I'll splurge on a brownie for dessert" and I immediately got teary eyed and felt morally sick over it, haha. But for me, I know it goes way past just "being bad for me" or "being unhealthy". I read a book by Mike Adams ( called The Grocery Warning. It explained HOW and WHY this stuff is bad by details on what it does to your body, the manufacturing process, the political fighting and motivations for promoting some of it, etc. Knowing all that is what really got to me. Understanding and knowledge of these products is what causes change and is what's needed for others to wake up and see the damage they are doing to themselves too.


As for what to eat.. it takes some time and dedication, but eventually you'll work it out. The internet is great for recipes. probably has 80% healthy recipes on her site. Lots of muffins and pancakes that use whole wheat flour and are dairy free/sugar free/etc. And they taste great! I even modify a few of hers to add things like flax seed and applesauce instead of eggs and oil. If you ever try something new that you like, don't forget to write it down! Build a collection of meals you enjoy that are healthy. You could even START by brainstorming all the meals you currently eat that you know are great for you :) But really, you need to make the decision yourself how you want to eat. If someone is making you or you feel pressured into it, you aren't going to care, and you'll feel burdened by it all. You have to want to make the changes on your own. But I mean, I feel like if I can do this, anyone can. I even live in an area where we are 5 hours away from the next closest city and don't have any specialty health food stores or Whole Foods or anything like that. If you live near a Whole Foods, I think that gives you an advantage right from the start because they stock many of the alternative products that aren't going to damage your body. 

I have been seeing those commericals promoting Corn Syrup more and more on TV! Omg it is soooooo sad! Here is the link for one I found on YouTube! Ahhh its a disgrace!


TV commercial!

drink plenty of water, eat dark green and lots of veggies, avoid fast food and soda all the time, balance your nutrient intake, read the labels and find valid info on what you should/shouldn't eat.  Just use common sense.  Oh, and try to eat local products when you can!  And yeah, if you have 2 options of something and one has ingredients you can actually recognize, go with that.. even if it costs a bit more.  Also, pay attention to your body when you eat certain foods and how they make you feel.


I keep it simple and it works for me.


My biggest thing with corn cyrup isn't health really (although I am not making judgement on it because I really just don't have the info).. but the industry production of corn.  over production.   Of course the government labels it as natural.  It is in EVERYTHING.  Therefore, it generates big business.  sigh.

They are actually trying to get a law passed where high fructose corn syrup will not be called that anymore because it has such a negative affiliation.  Best thing you can do is not buy anything processed period or atleast minimalize it a lot. 
Same thing with transfats.  The government allows companies to label foods "transfat free" as long as the amount doesn't pass .5 grams.  Do you know how much unburnable (or extremely hard to burn) fat that can create over time?  That is why people who eat fast food (which is full of transfat) get big quick and can't get rid of the weight easily.  It is unbelieveable what the FDA gets away with these days...

I kind of hate reading articals about food and what not at times. It can put me in a OCD mood where I am just looking for everything and what not. I think that is related to an ed habit I'ev had. I also think fresh is better, a treat now and than such as candy, get vigges, fruits and protine of your chocie. In way I think the air we breath is bad for us so in another way everything to some point has a nagitive and a positive.


We just did an ansingment in my child, health class called Mypyramid and we had to keep track of our food for 1 day. I did not meet the recomend amount of caloires. My instuctor even said something. I am like I can't win!  Anyway the site


Kind of helpful in away it give ya sad faces or smily faces. You can keep truck of food intake and see where you might want to fix somethings. 

Then youtube one food labels I thought was helpful.


part 2

go to

I say that your body knows what is good for you and what isn't. Pay attention to that and be aware that eating a cheeseburger when you're craving it (once in a while) is okay. I've met a lot of women who go on these strict diets and practically torture themselves to 'be healthy'. If you're not allergic to it, indulge yourself once a week. My stepdad calls them his free days. He has a meal plan set up so that he can eat 6 meals a day and does his work out every morning for half and hour to an hour. All week he sticks to his sugar free, this free, that free diet and then Sunday rolls around and he enjoys some of the sweet things in life. He has lost tons of weight and he feels good. 

I'm not saying to go on a strict diet, but I AM saying that being healthy and being paranoid are two different things and not to cross the line. Love the life you live. (Even if that means eating your Corn Flakes)


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