A couple of years ago I cut off my long red hair and colored it bright blond. I have been trying to be very patient in my attempt to grow back my long natural hair. It is getting pretty long but the bottom part is still kind of blond and I can't seem to make myself get it cut yet. I've heard that certain foods or vitamins can help hair grow faster or even healthier. Any tips or success stories?

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Hi ya Robin

I got my hair chopped off two months ago and the hair stylist went way shorter than I wanted so I've been trying to grow my mane as well.

Right now I'm taking an herbal sup that I got from the drug store. It has horsetail(plant not animal), vitamin B, Biotin and Bamboo in it. I think it's working but it works everywhere so I have to keep trimming my nails and shaving my legs more often than usual. Booo!

Diet and exercise also plays a big roll in hair growth. Eating clean and regular fitness go a long way(pun intended =)).

If you want a good giggle, search "Monostat for hair growth" on You tube. There's a girl on there that has tried using Monostat 7 (coochie cream in her words) for hair growth. She explains a bit of the sience behind it and why it might aide in growth. I don't think I'd ever try it but it's funny to listen to.

Good luck with your tresses! 

http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/top-10-foods-for-health... Here is a link to an article with 10 foods that help your hair's health. :)

I have nothing helpful to add, just that I feel ya! I dyed my hair dark red/brown for years and I've been growing it out for one year and one month and I STILL have about 3-4 inches of red on the bottom! It is taking forever! 


Have you noticed more new hairs growing in since you stopped dying it? I have so much new hair growing in, I didn't realize how much the hair dye was killing my hair. It's take even longer for all of those to catch up with the rest, but it the end it'll be worth it!

I have noticed a great difference between coloring and post-coloring. My hair has way more of a glossy shine to it that it had lost during the lightening processes. My hair is really thick and wavy when left alone. I've noticed that my ponytail is way thicker now than what it was when it was primarily blonde. It also curls up better with less frizz.

I know that cutting off the bottom damaged part of my hair will also help. But, I think I've having a "Linus" kind of situation, in that I have grown extremely attached to my hair.  I know it's completely irrational. It's only hair. It's only a physical part of my being. It's not who I am. But, it is a part of who I am. After waiting so long to get my hair the length it is now, I think my spirit would be slightly crushed to see myself with shorter tresses. 

Hopefully, the tips I have acquired here will aid me in my journey. With time and patience, I plan on slowly cutting out the damaged parts. I'm just not ready to make the leap. Although, my hair was fun when it was short and crazy.... manic panic was fun too.

Hey! I don't have a success story, but I do work at a salon!!

Vitamins!!! When your body is healthier, so is your hair! Biotin is great for hair and nails! Any vitamins you take will help, but if you're looking for something specific to hair growth I know Clinicure has specific vitamins for that, but they're pretty expensive. I take a vitamin B-complex, and biotin everyday and it really helps :) You'd be amazed at the difference I see in people's hair when they start taking vitamins :D

Heather's link is awesome :D more of those foods in your diet helps with hair growth!

Cutting off your ends will help too! Regularly trimming your hair (especially if you have damaged ends) promotes healthy hair growth :D So chopping that blonde off should help!!

I hope my tips help! <3

I have been taking evening primrose oil for my hair and skin and I am pretty pleased with the results.


I usually have really short hair but since the last time I cut it, in January, it feels like it's gotten longer really fast--for me anyway.  I don't think the evening primrose oil is making my hair grow fast, I think it is the overall condition of my hair.  It has been better than it has been in years and it seems that there is more there

Wow! All of you have been so helpful! I do live in the mid-west and it is kind of hard to find.... well pretty much anything that isn't at a wal-mart.... However, there is a local health food/vitamin store the next town over. I will compile a list and see if they have anything that might help. Thank you all so much for your help!
I wanted to add that I joined the LongHairCommunity.com (LHC) January 2001 and my hair was just past waist and they were AMAZING. The ladies(and gents though few), are so nice and helpful. There's tons to read on hair growth and health. One of the things they touch on a lot is quality over quantity so depending on a persons damage it might take you longer, faster. I haven't dyed, straightened, or anything else to my hair since joining and my hair is almost below my butt now(classic length). Happy growing, and I hope you stop by!

I meant to say 2010. Hadn't even realize I made that mistake.

longhaircommunity.com has great tips and tricks. i just joined...anyone else a member?


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