who is one? how long have you been? why are you? if not what do you think about it?

i have not eaten any meat since i was thirteen. i am now 21. I stopped originally because of my connection and love for animal life. but my resons have progressed threw the years.. i now, along with being totally repulsed by the thought of ingesting dead animals... do it for my health. not only because of the hormones and preservatives and god know what else but because i know that my body does no need it and is much healthier and cleaner with out it =]

what do you thinkkk?

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Congrats Christy!
I've been vegan for about 17 yrs. I love it. I do it for ethical reasons, but the bonus is health reasons and the environment. I think ethical reasons are really the only reason to do it, because there's ways of being healthy and ecological while still eating animal products, but you're still harming or killing animals.

What are your fav foods?
Keep it up!
Yes.. I totlly agree with you! :) I have only been vegetarian for about 8 months now & for the very same reasons you are. I have such a strong connection and love for animals!! I also agree with you about being healthy too. everyoe would deffinetly be wayy better off without all of the hormones & nasty chemicals that these poor animals are injected with. I also dont support how mean and wrong these animals are treated.. there turtured & killed just for people to enjoy a "tasty" meal. No one "needs" meat to survive. Its really rediculous. A lot of people dont actually think & care about it though... sad story. I really wanna become a vegan but i dont know... I think thats really gonna be a challenge for me but I KNOW i can do it! I just need some support! thats awesome how you've been vegan for 17 yrs soyboy!! soo.. when you first became vegan what were your favorite meals??
I was a vegetarian for 3-4 years before my husband and I started dating. I dont know why it ended because I am still disgusted by the thought of eating meat. Once you learn about the cruelty behind factory farming and how unhealthy it is to eat meat and dairy, it's very hard to not think about that every time you eat it. I'm actually starting to convert back to a vegetarian diet but I'm having a very hard time because my husband is a meat-eater and I dont think that's going to change anytime soon. I'm trying to find the best way to make family meals where we can all enjoy them. A vegetarian version and a meat version. Maybe I should just make him become vegetarian too! It would be good for him since heart disease runs in his family.
you are what you eat. if your eating a sluggish sad depriving animal full of diseases and hate and miscomfort, what do you think your going to feel by eating it? thats my biggest concern with eating animals. we live imprints of our spirits on our bodies and parts, animals are no different.

also i believe it brings out a cannibalistic nature, one in which dominating is seen as best. why not unity, without domination?

<3 :)
i meant deprived.. and mistreatment and discomfort...and i meant to say leave not live...im very sporadic with thoughts...lol spelling takes a segundo
our intestines and teeth were designed to eat vegetables not meat. we have 24 ft long intestines, meat eaters are 6 feet long< not sure the exact length but you get my point..hehe) so the meat goes in and out. if you eat meat as a human, it sits and becomes fat... plus we have "choppers" in our mouths to chop veggies :) to grind up things, not chew thru them.

if you wouldnt eat your dog, cat, or ferret, why eat earths cows or pigs? are they really that hard to get along with..?
Not only does meat sit and 'become fat' in the long intestines of us physically-herbivore-human-beings, but it literally ROTS, causing disease. Meat-eating people have animal flesh inside of their delicate bodies that is many days old. Maybe a week old hamburger is still inside there. That's pretty gross. Imagine what that flesh would look like if you just kept it in a body-warm container on your kitchen table for a few days, what to speak of longer. EEEWWWWW.
I have been a vegetarian since I was fifteen. I am twenty-four now. There was a multitude of reasons for why I made such a decision - I hated the cruelty to the animals, but I was also dealing with food control issues at the time. Going vegetarian made it easier for me to stay balanced and helped encourage me to keep eating, something that I struggled with often at that time.

As the years have passed, I have only found more and more reasons to embrace my decision. I no longer struggle with food issues - I enjoy eating. I feel... purer, not weighed down with chemicals and flesh. I have become more interested in my own health, which is why I have delved into things like green smoothies and yoga. I think I would like to try going on a raw-food diet for a week or so - I noticed that my energy goes through the roof when I fill my meals with fresh veggies and fruit smoothies.

I agree with you, Christy. At this point, I have been a vegetarian for so long that the THOUGHT of eating animal flesh makes me feel nausous. I am not one of those people who force my lifestyle onto others (indeed, my boyfriend is a carnivore of the highest degree!), but I know that I don't need to eat animals in order to survive. I don't miss the taste, not when there is soooooo much delicious vegetarian food out there! I thrive better this way. :)

My favorite veggie food at the moment are green smoothies. A fruit smoothie made with strawberries, black berries, blue berries, orange juice, a banana, and a whole bunch of kale leaves... I think I drink about two every day - one in the morning and once at a night!

Another awesome recipe that I discovered was stuffed green peppers! The green peppers are stuffed with whole grain rice and roasted walnuts and cranberries and topped with a sweetened tomato sauce.. I could eat it every day! ^_^
doesnt have to do with being a vegetarian but gahhhhh watch this!speaking of animals.. i love it :)
I have been a vegitarian since I was 16 and I am now 31. I started because the thought of eating animals was yucky. I also have the opinion that if you cannot kill the animal you are eating then you should not be eating it. Now that I am older I feel that there are so many options to eating meat, why would anyone eat store processed mass produced meat? Where I myself do not do it, I completely support hunting. I feel that if you eat meat this is the best way. With all the sickness and green house gasses raising mass livestock produces I feel 100% confident in my decision not to partake in eating animals.
I am a reverted back vegetarian for the past year after having switched to eating meat for 2 years AFTEr not eating meat for about 5 years...but the point is that, I'm back and I do it for a multitude of reasons.
First and foremost, for my health my body just feels about a thousand times worse when I am eating meat (processed or otherwise). Ethically, because animals to me are my life and my passion, why would I eat something I have just as much respect and love for as I do my fellow human beings? Sanitary, factory farming as we've well established here is just so repugnant in many ways...not to mention it's exceedingly unsafe for the factory workers themselves (and just think...who can bring themselves to even work in a torture chamber such as a slaughter house is beyond me.)
I am more than exhiliarated that there are many of us on here that share the same perspectives on food consumption. However, I am not able to go Vegan (it's a complicated health issue) but admire those that can and do. Well done all! :) <3
I was vegetarian for about 2 and a half years and then became vegan about 8 months ago. I chose to become vegetarian for animal rights/ moral reasons, but have since, extended my reasoning to include environmental, health, and economical reasons. :)


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