What is your guys' opinion on hooping at school? I sometimes bring my hoop(s) to school and I usually get positive feedback. Do your teachers appreciate the fact that you hoop?

Also, do you have any "hoop haters"? I live in a really closed minded town, so there is a bunch of people who just look at me like I'm psychotic when I hoop.

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Same goes!! We have a lot of little suckish hoops in our gym for the little kids and one day a teacher told me to go and get one so she could watch!!! A lot of people like to watch even though it makes me kind of nervous. :)

And yes, we do have hoop haters. I actually have had a few people tell me it was stupid to my face. Plus, theres this boy that likes to hoop and I'm pretty sure hes not gay... but everybody calls him gay JUST BECAUSE he hoops. I hate that.

People tend to hate on others because their just jelly. they know they could never do what we do with a hoop so they hate on us, but just look on the bright side one day it will all come back and bite them in the butt because karma is a Bitch. lol

I didn't hoop in the classroom because there wasn't any room to hoop but I would flag and glowstick in the class and I would hoop at lunch. At my school the teachers don't really care what you so as long as your not hurting anyone, I did have kids who thought hooping is really cool and others who thought I was noting more then a total freak. So I did have a few hoop haters but I just blow them off because deep down inside I know there just jelly that they can't do what us hoopers can do with a hoop lol. So keep doing what you do and don't listen to what others have to say, because as long as your happy with what you do that is all that should matter.

♥ ~Saturn~ 

At my old school, I used to hoop every day at lunch and got bad feedback for the most part. People would purposefully bump into my hoop and give me a dirty look, expecting me to apologize. However, my teachers loved my hooping and my woodshop teacher even helped me make a fire hoop. I got an award at the end of the year for being a "hula hoop extraordinaire." It was pretty awesome. I just moved, and pretty much everyone likes my hooping, but I haven't hooped at my new school yet so I don't know. I'm just going to do my thing and if people don't like it, it's their loss. :P
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I bring my hoop school alot, and at my school theres not so many haters, just curious people. there are a few haters but you can just tell those num skulls to shut up and get on with their life. Haters are mostly just jelous, I find that true for all haters, not just hoop though.

Hey :)

I've only hooped once at school, which was earlier this year for a talent show. I got good feedback etc :) everyone smiled at me in the hallway - mainly people I haven't even met before! they started calling me "that hoop girl" as they didn't know my name. so that's where I got my YouTube name from! I don't know of any hoop haters yet, and I don't really want to find any tbh.

Vene xxx

Haha omg Same here. :) They call me hoop Girl too

Sorry this reply is random but woo! :)

I love hooping at school.I entered the talent show last December and ever since then most reffer to me as the Hoop Girl. Even teachers who don't know me ask me, hey, are you that girl that hooped in the talent show? lol I hoop in gym class all the time and I juggle during lunch and down the hallways. xD

There are a few kids that think the hooping is weird but honestly most of the kids (even the "jocks" that think I'm odd xD) actually enjoy it and ask me about it sometimes. I might start hooping at our cross country meets. xDDDDDD

My neighbors think I'm weird they kind of ignore it. some do enjoy however... <3

Ok um, this is a little awkward but I don't mind hooping at school but the main thing that turns me off it is that people tell me I look sexy! I'm generally a modest person and dancing like a stripper is the last thing I want, but seriously it's hard NOT to make hooping look a little alluring (it doesnt help that I go to a conservative catholic school). Basically I just don't want people getting the wrong idea about me, do you have this problem?

Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable hahaha
Yes for sure! I've kind of embraced it now as long as people don't get freaky, my friend is an up and coming DJ and I hoop for him so a little sex appeal can be helpful, but when I first started getting that kind of response it made me feel really uncomfortable. I once had a guy throw a dollar at me while I was hooping on stage!

Haha yeah thats the kind of thing I'm worried about. I guess I'll just have to 'embrace it' as you say :)



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