Ok so I have an Idea and that is we should all get to know each other a little bit. Clearly we are all here for the same reason, so I think we should all know each other a little bit better. I want everyone to say a few things about themselves, like if you do any sports in school, your favorite memory?, what you do for fun other then hooping?, what grade your in?, what are your biggest challenges? what kind of music do you like to hoop to? and some random facts about yourself. So lets get started! I'll go first.


   So as you can tell my name is Adrianna but I go by my rave name which is Saturn. I did wrestling for 3 years and color guard/ winterguard for 2 years. My favorite memory in school was when I went to summer school after my freshmen year, when we would go on break my friends and i would hangout on the stage and two of my friends took my shoes and ran off with them so I had to go back to class with no shoes one and my teacher was picking for it. fun times lol. Um things I do for fun are going to raves and playing with makeup. =) I just graduated a few weeks ago so I am no longer in HS. Some of my biggest challenges in school was passing my Algebra 2 class and staying on track to graduate. Kinds of music I like hooping to would be dubstep and trance for the most part and I also like hooping to random bands like Powerman5000 and Porcelain and the tramps.

   A few random facts: My favorite color is purple. I am 18 Years old and my birthday is November 12. I have 6 dogs, 2 rats, 2 cats and 1 ferret. If I could be any kitchen utensil I would be a microwave because I like to heat things up lol. My favorite ice cream I cookies N' cream.

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Hi, my name is Claire. :) I do computer graphics. I love reading and writing. I'm not really the sporty type (besides hooping :P) My favorite memory is probably when my friend was over and we were standing in the kitchen drinking soda, and I walked backwards to lean against the counter but I didn't know the dishwasher was open so I fell in xD. My friend was just standing there laughing and I was like yay I didn't spill the soda lol. Oh and my first time fire hooping. So magical *_* For fun I read, listen to music, and write. I'm going to be a freshman next year, so I'm not officially in high school yet.I just moved and I'm going to a new school and I won't know anyone O_O. My biggest challenge was probably conquering my depression, but thanks to hooping I am much happier :). I hoop to dubstep, nightcore, techno, and trance. I love Skrillex, Mt Eden, UKF Dubstep, DJ Mangoo, DJ Hixxy, etc. Lots more but those are the only ones I can think of right now :P

Hmm some random facts about myself is that I dye my hair waaay too much, but I had to stop because my hair was so damaged O_O. If I had to choose a favorite color it would probably be purple, but I love every color. I'm 14 years old and my birthday is March 28. I have two sisters and we were all born on the 28th but different months. I have hearing loss and have to wear hearing aids :/ I was made fun of so much I just started hiding my ears :(. I'm super shy and never talk (people at my school thought I was mute because I never talked O_O) That's it I think :) Good idea btw with this question thing :) 

I love your favorite memory because ive done something like that before but I tripped over my dog lol. You like a lot of the same music I do, Skrillex is my favorite to listen to. That is so cool that you and your sisters are born on the 28th of different moths like thats crazy! =) When I was growing up one of my best friends that I met in gymnastic was deaf and people always picked on her and it made me so mad, so I stared standing up for here all the time. I wish you the best of luck on going to a new school, you seem like a really nice people so i'm sure you wont have any problems making new friends. =)


♥ ~Saturn~

Someone not technically in high school yet???? THANK GOODNESS. I'll be in eighth grade next year and I have yet to find a hooper near my age... I'll be 13 in July, though. :D I just figured I'd join this group cause A- I'm practically there and B- I don't think there's a group for anyone younger. :D

Hey, you posted this so long ago, but hopefully you're still around. I just had to reply when I read that you wear hearing aids because I do too. I rarely meet other hoopers, and I meet other people who wear hearing aids even less, so it's crazy that you wear hearing aids AND hoop! 

What a great idea for a  discussion, I love meeting other hoopers but most of them are older than me so its nice to chat to people my age :) Soooo about me: I live in Australia and I'm in year 12 (I'm not really sure what you would call it, senior year maybe?) I'm 17 and my full name is Elisabetta 'cause I'm Italian in my Dad's side but everyone calls me Liz and in the Hooping world I go by MissLiz. I recently got a job teaching intermediate hoopdance which I've yet to start but I am SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I hoop to all kinds of music to experiment with flow but my favorite is anything I can really just loose myself with, stuff like SigurRos or some Florence and the Machine.  I'm not really into sports at school, I guess you could call me a drama freak though- I'm just a little obsessed with Shakespear. Best memory: Probably last summer when I spent the whole day at the beach with a group of my friends, it was kinda one of those perfect days :) Biggest challenge: I'd have to say handling the pressure of school, bit of a teenage cliche I know but my school really heaps the pressure on :/ But thankfully I have hooping as a stress release!

And random facts: I'm the youngest of six siblings, I've had five years hooping, my favorite colour is green and in the event of a zombie apocolypse my weapon on choice would be a flamce thrower :)

Hi! My name is Cassie. I'm a pretty strange person.... I'm a cheerleader (co-captain last year), but besides that I'm pretty much a tomboy.. I can't stand dresses or heals. I prefer converse. I'm obsessed with Panic! at the Disco. I guess you could call me a nerd.. I'm a straight-A student and I like books. I also LOVE acting. I have a pet miniature pot-belly pig named Dinky and I love her. :) She's only about 4 months old but I'm working on teaching her tricks. My biggest challenge is probably myself. I'm one of those people with the really rough self esteem. :) I also enjoy fall out boy and nickelback. My worst pet peeve Is WhEn pEeoPlE tIpe Lk dIS!! It aggravates me. :) My mom is divorced and I live with her, my sister, and my grandparents. And Dinky, of course. :) My fave memory would be outside my best friends house eating watermelon while zombies (her dogs) tried to attack us. I am obsessed with the movie zombieland also. :) My favorite color is red and I make some killer french toast. :D
I'm a really strange person as well, I always wanted to do cheer but the cheerleaders at my school suck so I didn't tryout for the team. My sister keeps asking my  mom if she can get a pot-belly pig but my mom as always says no. I have the same pet peeve it drives me insane when people type like that. Zombieland is one of the best movies ever made i can watch that movie over and over again and not get bored with it.
Pot-belly pigs actually make really good pets!! Mine listens better than the dog, actually.  I have no idea how many times I've watched that movie... it's awesome-sauce. :D

Hi. I'm 16 and I'm going into 11th grade, though, I'm still in 9th grade math because I'm horrible at it ^^'. My birthday is December 23rd. I love to hoop and juggle. My favourite color is Green. But I also love black. I have had so many memories I can't pick one favourite one. Music I like is classic rock, classical, pop, rock, screamo and alternative. I love Pink Floyd and Alesana. I sing and draw portraits of people for fun and have been in many art shows in my area. I also love teaching myself foreign languages and I was nearly proficient in Japanese but I have not studied it recently. So yeah, School is fun but hard. Err Algebra is hard.. I'm a cross country runner and (Not to be rude but..) I'm the fastest on my team. I also dance and contortion. Ok Bye. :)

That's so awesome that you've been in art shows, I really wish I could draw but I can't =( lol.... If it makes you feel any better I suck at math and science. I was gonna do cross country but I have really bad knees so I couldn't, so I did wrestling instead.

Hi! I'm Grace and I'm 17. I don't really do any sports, but I am in drama, chorus, and I am the drum major of my marching band.

My favorite memory in school isn't really in school, close enough. It was when I went on our band trip this past April and we went to Six Flags over St. Louis. Me and one of my guy friends were adrenaline-buddies for the day and went on every ride that was open. It truly was a good day.  

I am in Drama, Chorus, and Band. Basically just about anything I can perform in, I'll do. I love being on the stage. Also, I knit and do macrame.

I am about to be a senior. My biggest challenge would be trying to talk to people. I'm a bit of a social outcast.

If it's live music, I'll hoop to anything. But if it's not I like to hoop to stuff like Arcade Fire or Grouplove. Hipster music. =]

I love anything tie-dye or rainbow. Even though I'm an outcast, I'm still very social and outgoing. I am a very happy person. My birthday is June 18th. My favorite color is Purple, but I love all colors. except brown. ick. I used to do Academic Decathlon, but then I found hooping and it absorbed me. I have 2 sisters(19 and 22) and 2 brothers(21 and 2(he was a surprise)). I absolutely love anything math and science. I plan on majoring in Chemistry, actually. 


Well, I guess that's it... =]

I love marching band! I was in guard for two years so band and guard were my life for while. What did you play before you became drum major? Band trips are so much fun! =) I also have two sisters (21 and 16) I was the surprise out of the three of us. lol


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