Okay, since I suggested these challenges, I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is and post one! Your assignment, should you chose to accept it? Be cheeky! That's right ham it up, vamp it up, sex it up, sass it up, do whatever you do that makes you feel sassy! Just make sure you dance it up in or with your hoop.

No time limit. No specific song. Pick one that lets your inner showboat out and work it.

The bottom line with this challenge - have fun!!!

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Caroleeena this is awesome! You've got so many awesome facial expressions... you've really engaged your audience. You look like you're having a fabulous time!
Wow, girl, you rock!! :D Sorry, English is not my first language, but lady, you indeed are absolutely Bootylicious. ;) Love the outfit, the dancing, and maaan, the ATTITUDE!! :D

HERE it is... this was definitely a challenge for me, as I do not typically see myself as as a seductress or any kind... but I'm learning... :)
Hi, Sarah!  I think you did a great job!  It was a bit hard to see since it's dark, but it looks like you do a lot of expressive things with your arms, and you just have a really sensual flow.  I think you're a natural!!  Next time more light so we can see you better!  No need to be shy, because I think you've definitely got it! Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
Thanks Shelley. Yeah it is a bit dark, we were hoping to really play with the shadow on the blue wall and create some ambiance. We'll lighten it up next time :)

Good job - I  especially like the duckout/spin sequence that starts at 3:37.  I think you interpreted the music well and your flow fit with the mood of the song superbly.


As for being a seductress, being cheeky is not necessarily about being overtly sexy; it's about showing sass and spunk and a fun attitude in your hooping.  It's about showing a confidence that can come across as playful or perky or sassy or yes, even sexy.  I think you were plenty cheeky in this one. :)

Thank you :) That is very encouraging. I think my unwillingness to see myself as a seductress or something remotely like that comes from a very strict religious upbringing where you DID NOT want to be seen in that light at all.... BUT times have changed friends :)

I understand completely.  I have to walk carefully in this area too.  Because I minister in dance in my church occasionally, I don't want to include any movements in a praise or worship dance that would be considered inappropriate to that setting. 


At the same time, some of the songs I hoop to lend themselves to sassier dance moves.  I'm learning to find that balance.  So far, I've only had one complaint about the way I dance in church, and it wasn't lodged with me but with my pastors, who defended me.  The complainer is no longer there, and I am.  Not gloating, just saying God knows my motives and took care of the situation.


There's a difference between interpreting the feel of a song and dancing seductively for the sake of being seductive; it's about your intention.  What I got from your video was song interpretation, not an attempt to seduce anyone.  I think you did fine.


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