I havent really hooped with anyone who knows how, and ive relied on youtube for most of the time ive been learning but i really want the experience of hooping with others and sharing new tricks and just having fun!

I live in the Lansdale/Hatfield/North Wales/Montgomeryville Area... so it would be cool to find someone, or a few people close by to meet up with and just hang out and hoop at a park or something.

Im willing to travel a little further but im really hesitant about going to the city, since i dont really want to go alone, but if someone who lives near me wanted to go to i would totally do that. i just dont want to pay for gas and commute to the city all by my lonesome..

so if this is something that sounds interesting to someone let me know...

you can message me or reply to this post and let me know..


and as always if you are in the philly area friend me :)

hopefully one day ill be able to organize something big and fun and ill want to be able to reach you all if i do :)

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Hey! I live in the Richboro/Newtown area. Maybe we could try to meet halfway sometime.

I live in Bristol (15 mins from Newtown). If you're still on HoopCity (a year later :-P), I'd be interested in meeting up for a hoop sesh.

I live in Langhorne/ Newtown! Im down to get  together to hoop if you guys are interested :D

That would be cool! Shannon set up a Lansdale Hoop Group, but that's a little far for me now that I'm not working there.

This is great! Do we want to do Tyler park? Weekends or weekday evenings work best for you guys? 

Tyler would be good. Any time is fine for me. Maybe not over the weekend this month. Weekends are a little busy for me for a few weeks. Some time during the week next week?

I work during the week till 5:30 for the next few weeks but im off the next two weekends.  If we end up doing it on a week day do you guys wanna meet up at 5:30? 

Yeah that's totally cool. Any day in mind? I can't next weekend, but Oct 20 and 21st could be doable. I am volunteering at the Tyler Park Center for the Arts Craft Show for part of the day that weekend. Any day during the week next week is fine too.

5:30 during the week works for me too- I might run a little late because I'd be coming from Princeton, so more like 5:45 for me. Mondays and Thursdays work best for me. How would Thursday the 18th and/or Monday the 22nd look for you guys? 

(for some reason it isn't letting me reply to your latest reply, below). Let's plan for Monday the 22nd, only because I have a lot going on the prior week. So Monday October 22nd at 5:30-5:45 in Tyler Park. Since it's starting to get dark around that time, I think the section of the park by the art center may be best because it's on the highest ground, and it's also open so the most sunlight would be there. Do you agree? I'm putting this on my calendar now, and I'm going to message you my number.

the 18th and 22nd work for me too same with the 20th and 21st.  Do you guys wanna meet up the 18th at like 5:45 at Tyler park then?

im having a jam in lansdale if anyone is interested tomorrow night



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