Hey chucies

My bf and I are moving to the area in the next two weeks, we've got a temp place to stay outside of the city (yuck). I've been scouring Craigslist for rooms (hoping for west philly) and haven't had a whole lot of luck. Also don't know the city or hardly anyone in it. So hoopcity darlings- do any of you know about a space that's up for grabs? We're not made of money, but can handle something in the average price range.

About me- Im a hoop nut, aerialist, succulent grower, biker, sewer, cook and craft beer enthusiast.

About him- Floutist/singer/guitar nut, stiltwalker, handyman, mechanic, traveller, tree sitter, brewer.

Any leads would be super appreciated- hoping to get into the city sometime after Aug 1.



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shocking enough there are many places up around 44th and walnut with for rent signs sooo keep checkein Craigslist ill see if i cant get u sum numbers.
Hey- I'd appreciate that so much! I've emailed a buttload of folks but just haven't heard anything back yet. Thanks for looking out :)
I have a friend that has a nice place but shes moving to colorado.. soon... not sure if shes out august 1st or september 1st.  Anyways I will ask her if her landlord already has her place rented or if its up for grabs and if so I will get the details for you and message you! I'll contact her tonight for sure!
Aaaah, amazing! We're flexible with our dates because we have temp digs in Wilmington so we can get sorted. Thank you!


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