If you live in Phila. area, you know about the lunchtime entertainment in Love Park (around 16 or 17th & JFK).  Ex.  Every Wednesday, starting June 1, they have "Line Dancing" instructions at noon.


I am new to Hooping and a friend of mine who knows that I'm in a Hooping Class works for the City of Phila.  She asked if a group of Hoopers from the area would be interested in having 'fun in Love Park' on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The city would post something like "Bring Your Hula Hoop to the Park" and work out with other Hoopers.  Since the city of Phila. is emphasizing  exercise and fitness throughout the city (remember Phila. was the Fattest city once :-) she thought this would be something fun and different. Remember, this is 'volunteer' only and there is no limit on how many of us lead the hooping session.  If you are interested, let me know because she will give us designated dates. None of the Wednesdays are available.

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I would be willing to join in. Could you get more details? Like the day of the week she would want it to happen (sorry if I missed that information) and what she means by "lead." If it is just a group of us hooping together and people joining in or is she expecting someone to hold a class and teaching an entire group?
As you know, hooping isn't so much like line dancing where we would have a routine, etc. I'm guessing that the event might end up being more like a hooping Meet up or a hoop jam. Would that be ok or is she looking for more structure>
I would enjoy getting together for an hour or so.
It will be something like a hoop jam. When I say 'lead' I mean hoopers from Hoopadelphia would be on the stage and get the hooping started. There would be no lessons invovlved - except maybe showing people how to do the basic hula hoop.
Count me in! I would just need to make sure I can get it into my schedule! Very excited about this. Thank you for making it happen.
This sounds amazing! I am so so in. I am moving from NYC to Phila May 15th.. I have an apartment on 15th street and so I am minutes away from Love Park. I have done things like this in central park and it was so much fun. We just brought a ton of hoops and let others join in. It was a hoop jam kinda deal. I am very interested in doing this. I want to get envolved in the hoop communitry immediately and make some awesome friends to hoop with on the reg.

thanks for posting

Welcome to Phila! and thanks for the info. Shelby - Who furnished the hoops for the hoop jam in central park and how did you get them back :-) ?
Last year my club and I did a fundraiser and brought a bunch of hoop making stuff and people could pay 10 bucks to make their own hoops and then we showed them some tricks, this fundraiser was done in upstate ny @ relay for life but it could be an idea for the love park jams! then you dont have to worry about getting them back and everyones happy. we also brought our extra hoops to let people try them out.
I feel that if we all brought our hoops then we would have enough to share with the public, I give people the benifit of the doubt that they won't run off with our hoops but we could setup like a peremeter and ask everyone to stay inside it that has our hoops and "keep an eye on them" or even setup a liitle drop off station.

Ahh I have so many ideas! we could run like a circuit and @ each station we teach them something different and that way we all can teach! if it is more like a performance/jam then this idea is out.lol

I am excited!! And nights and weekends are best for me also!! I have class this summa.
OMG! Great info.

Here's the feedback I received from the administrator for Love Park: Please add your answers also and I will compile and get back to her.

"I have a few questions to clarify so I understand exactly what your event looks like.
1) Do you play music or require amplified sound or a microphone? (Need a microphone)

2) Do you currently market or promote this activity on the web, flyers or other media? (I don't; but I am know that Leah has a website and promotes her activity. I am sure some of you reading this have sites/promote your activity.)

3) Do you have sponsorship? (No, I don't)

4) Do you conduct classes in a studio or other location? (yes, for Leah and some of the others)

This is her final statement below - and to me it means that if you have a business, here's an opportunity to pickup business; give out your business cards, etc.

"It is quite common for registrants who participate in the Summer in LOVE program to use their appearance to generate interest in their business activities. (We have line dancing, fitness and yoga instructors as regulars.)"

I love your ideas. There is a stage, so those that want to get on stage can do so; also if you know Philly, participants will want to come on stage. Pls. xplain "circuits & stations." Keep in mind, I am a beginner :-)

should I ask for for 5-6 or 6-7pm? Anyone have a particular day. Fridays?
This is so great!! I have night class on Mon & Wed so any other dat would work and i say go for the 6-7 cuz I feel thats when most people will be in the park. I am moving to the city May 15th so I think we should gave a meeting or two or three to discuss ideas and see whos interested in participating. we could hold a mini practice every week in the park prior to June 1st.

Circuits & Station was just an idea for teaching and the best way to utilize multiple teachers. Basically we set up say 4 stations each with a different teacher leading and every say 15 minutes we rotate and each teacher can teach something different and then one station can be a free jam!

How long will we have the slot until?? We could do preformances some weeks and teaching others.. so much we can do!

I definately think we need a meeting/jam to get to know eachother and throw around some nifty ideas!!

ah I love philly already! So excited to be moving there!!

Jay-you rock!
Fantastic idea!!! Please keep me posted with more information.

i can't do weekday daytimes as I'm out in the 'burbs, but I'll be sure to add it to the Philly Hooping calendar when the deets are set!
I will ask if it is always on noon. They may have something after 5.


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