okkkkk....how do i get a ticket to hoop camp next yr? they sell out so quickly. is it the same time every yr?

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Tickets go on sale on February 14, 2011...or at least that's what Heather thought.
You could contact Heather Troy, the coordinator, to ask to be updated. Her info is here: http://www.hoopcampretreats.com/contact/

I honestly can't remember how I nabbed a ticket. I just stayed up to date by visiting the Hoopcamp site and this group on Hoop City daily (if not more often lol). I felt like the tickets sold out in minutes, but that's not accurate because I remember feeling surprised that tickets were still available at least a day or two after they became available.
thank you ladies!!!!
So does any one know if it will be held in the same location as this years? I have never been and am finally able to afford to go this next year, so excited.


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