Hey Hoopers!!!!

I am trying to get all my plans straight for HOOP CAMP! I do believe I'll be flying in this year... and I was hoping to rent a car with someone? I will be renting workout equipment (hopefully) for my workshop, so having my own vehicle is probably going to a necassary, if anyone would like to ride with me..let me know..


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Hi Megz
I'd be up for it. I'll be in San Fran first but can get to San Jose easily by Cal train if that's the airport your talking about. I'll be travelling fairly light - main bag and hoops. I'm happy to chip in for a car but would prefer not to drive as I am from Australia - you all drive on the other side of the road than us!
Hi Nicole!!
I haven't decided which airport to fly into..i'll decide that today! it would be a treat to ride to Hoop Camp with someone from down under!!! :)
and yes mamm I will drive!! I'll keep you posted!!
Sweet! Sounds like fun.
sounds good - Megzz whats the word so far from you? Do you know if your flying in to San Fran or San Jose yet?
Thanks for checking back with me!!
I just purchased my flight this past week, and i'm flying into San Jose...Thursday around 11am

if I can you & some one else to throw in with me, then it makes sense to rent a car, if its just the two of us it'll break down to be more than $80 for each, which in that case we might as well save on $$ and just ride the shuttle to and from...

Let me know what you are THINKING! :)

Hoop Hugs,
Hey Megzz! hmmmm...
I am going just one way to hoop camp as I am going to Harbin Hoop Jam afterwards -so hoping to hook up with another lift exiting Hoop camp to the Harbin jam. Are we booking a car here in this discussion, to share both ways to and from hoop camp?
Maybe we should start from the beginning...
How much is a car to rent from the airport?
How big a car will we need? How much gear do we all have between the 2, 3 or 4 of us?
If I am only travelling one way - Is this OK for the rest of you ladies?

What do we all think?
Looks like there's a bunch of us ready to go from San Jose airport. Is everyone here still in need of a lift?
HI Megzz
I've now got a lift from San Fran to Hoopcamp so will bow out of this one. Sounds like you'll be able to share with lots of people though! Be awesome to meet you at Hoop camp!
hi ladies!

i had planned on renting a car with someone, but now they are no longer going to hoop camp. i just looked up flights and the earliest i could arrive in san jose is 12:30pm on thursday...if sharing a rental car ends up being cheaper than the shuttle i'd love to do it!

let me know!

love and hoopiness,
- kristi


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