I challenge someone to a duel current challenge.

Here's the rules:
1. Video must be at least 3 minutes long.
2. Must be in both currents half the time (roughly anyway) with a focus on full reversals into the other current.
3. When finished your video, you choose whether you will "Flip" the video footage so people don't know which is right or left.

Winner demonstrates a balance between their two currents. ; )

Much love,

Video Posted November 22nd, 2010

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Apparently no one is crazy enough to take you on, Sandra! It's certainly not going to be me, but I'm watching to see who steps up!
Hehe I've been checking this thread every day, I am so curious to see who will pick up this challenge! :)

(Feel free to delete this post if it's out of place.)

Maybe this could be a personal challenge thread. Where if you make a video and then randomly flip or not flip the video then people guess when one is your first current. If no one can really tell then you win!
this is sick.. I wanna see this, someone step up!...( as i coware in the shadows lol)
ok ok..let me understand..when you say both currents you mean to the left and to the right on body hooping..correct? so like stalls breaks reversals tree pinches ..just a whole video of reversing currents then you flip the video upside down. safire you may have a challenge..
what is the time frame for this?
Yes and no. Not just breaking back and forth but actually doing things in both current.

Maybe it could be a video with "semi" choreography. You record 1.5 minutes in one current, then repeat everything in your 2nd current.
I can not do anything hooping to the right. I've tried and failed. I'm a lefty hooper.
OKay! I am all about it!! I would also like to involve off the body in both currents, as well. Let's play!! Oh, but I don't know how to flip the video footage? I'm sure I can figure it out, though.
What song would you like to use?
hugs and high fives,
You can use whatever song you like. You don't HAVE to flip the footage. The idea is that with that option if people know the direct of your first current then it throws a twist into their guessing.
Ah, that's interesting! I was wondering, Sandra, how you were going to get away with this since anyone who takes your classes knows what your natural current is! How does one "flip" footage, though?
It's an option in iMovie.


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