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Omg! I love your outfit! Super cuteeeeee. You did so well! And nice job on the scorpion! I still haven't been able to get that.
Aww thanks Nicky! I loved you video! Your chest hooping is so cool!
You need to post more videos! I would love to see more of you hooping. You're so dancey and flow well, both of those are things I strive to add into mine, so I would really enjoy seeing more videos from you.
Thanks Nicky! I feel the same way, I would love to see more of you! You flow so smoothly and your plane changes are so sweet! Im definitly learning a lot from you. :)
Here's mine! Enjoy!

Sorry about the bad quality. I am trying to figure out a way around this.
yay! Thanks for this Nicky! I had a lot of fun and did my first video! :P
1) this is one of my favorite songs; hooped to this today

2) great job- you totally get my vote i'm very impressed!
Both videos were super cute and fun! It is hard to choose almost! I think Nicky B's video flowed a little better with the music. I would choose hers but they both were great videos! Good job girls :)
Daniela- your video was beautiful, you looked great and added some style to spice it up owowww
Nicky- Your video was put together great, you flowed so well and were rocking outtt ii iii mamii<3

my vote goes for nicky for grooving to the music well and never stopping even if you messed up
good job girls you both looked great<3
This one was so hard to judge!

Daniela you integrate foot work into your hooping beautifully! I think you have a clear understanding of shape, emotion, and direction as far as choreography goes. ( Something I seriously want to be able to do!)
Nicky B... You have seriouse tallent! Your Iso's, Vertical off body hooping, and direction changes are sick!

I just want to smash your two styles together and pick that but for the sake of compitition..... I pick Nicky B because you made the hoop your B@*!# :) for lack of a better expression.


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