So our challenge was to be expressive and hoop to "I Go Away" by MNDR. Also, we had to include at least 1 minute of off-body hooping. We didn't set up an exact date when to post our videos, but it's around this time, so I'll post mine already and Lisa will do so soon if everything goes as planned :D

Enjoy folks! And don't be afraid to share your opinions, critique and advice when leaving your vote - those will just help us to improve and that's the name of the game right!

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wow. your video is breathtaking mama! your isolated barrel rolls, holy cow! im awed for real... such an inspiring video, your personaility shines throughout this sister, way to go for it, rockkkkkkk that sheeeet!<33
Wow, this was so great! I loved the ending so much :) You are very pleasing to watch, love your dance :) Keep hoopin' lady!
I can't wait to see Lisa's :)

Peace and Harmony
Omwoods. I love your video so much :D

But I am eager to see Lisa's one too, so I can go into fake-judging mode. Where are you Lisa? <3
Where is Lisa's video? I'm very anxious to see!!
i second that
gorgeous! your video kept me interested from beginning to end. which is rare for me, 90% of vids i watch i dont finish :x good job!!
also, question...what is the move at 2:42? any tips on how to do that?
You mean the one right before 2:42 when I just hold the hoop up vertically from "the bottom", let it drop and grab it from the top? Or the simple isolation spinning thing - just hold the hoop steady on both sides, don't move your hands at all, only move the rest of your body around quickly, or slowly however you like it, and keep the hoop in the same place as much as possible, vertical the whole time, and pretty close to your body.
isolation, thanks!
omwoods you omg i have to get off my couch bc u kicked me off of it look at that video amazing girl so expressive and your dancing and hooping and interp. the song so well. tick tock dude i love you looks great you have progressed inyour flow so much
Thanks friends! :) It's encouraging to hear your comments. Yeah I'm waiting for Lisa's video too. She had some difficulty getting the music on the video, hopefully it works out!


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