Dearest Hoop Convergence Community ~


I would like to personally thank you for all your patience and support this season.  I am sincerely stoked for this annual retreat that feeds my spirit and practice for the year.  


As excited as I am, with the opening of the Flowjo, I feel somewhat like the mother of a 4 year old who is giving birth to another beloved.  While my love for the eldest has not decreased, my focus and energy have been consumed by the active labor invested in breathing new life into yet another container for sacred flow space.  While my attention has been divided, my emails & responses somewhat delayed, and our updates to the website s-l-o-w, have no fear!  This year will be just as epic, if not more beautiful than previous Hoop Convergences.



There are four primary shifts for this year's event.  First, in response to participant requests, we have decreased the number of primary presenters so that we may lengthen & deepen the workshops.  Thus, there are 10 primary hoop workshops.   We believe this will provide an opportunity for richer hooping experiences.  Three of these workshops will be offered at a time and participants will choose 2 of the 3 depending upon interest or skill level.


Malcolm - Cultivating your own inner creative genius (That's what I named it:)

Spiral/Rich - Hoop Technique

Shakti/Nayeli - Tantra & Hooping

Poki - How to Trip out Your friends: Hoop Isolation with Poki (The next level from last year:)

Beka  - Contemporary Hoop Dance & Choreographic Techniques for Hoopers

Stefan - 5 Rhythms for the Hoop

Safire - Elements of an Educator

Khan - Criss-Crossing Planes

Caroleeena - Dancing With Joy - An Exploration of Dance focusing on Integration, Articulation and Imagination

Julia - Exponential Pleasure ~ Twin/Multi-Hooping


In addition to those primary hoop workshops, there will be a few one-hour hoop, dance & flow arts workshops.  One of the best things that's happened for my body and personal practice over the past year is cross-training.  In the spirit of cross pollination, we will host poi, contact juggling, AcroYoga/Play, choreography and aerial workshops...and more hooping workshop opportunities!  We are also excited to have a portable aerial rig on site this year to host small group intros to Lyra (Aerial Hoop:)   Private Lyra lessons will also be available for your ascending pleasure.  We believe the addition of more flow tools will be an enhancement to the inspiration and desire to continue that trend in years to come.


AcroEntertainment - AcroPlay

Rainbow Michael - Poi & Poi Yoga Fusion

Little L/Alicia - Choreography 

Little L - How to be silly and still make 'em say, OMG!

Marria Grace - Acrobatic Hooping Skillshare (with gymnastics mats)

Corwen Baker - Contact Juggling (not confirmed, but looking good:-)

Valentina Unity - Belly dance & hoop

Kelly Jo Stull - Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Still confirming Yoga offerings by local Yoginis

Dedicated open play/flow space



The third aspect of Hoop Convergence's evolution is a trip to downtown Carrboro.  Sadly, we haven't managed to take our guests to Carrboro since the very first Hoop Convergence in 2008.  After an amazing Performance at the Retreat Center last year, we've decided to host the Performance Showcase in the Carrboro ArtsCenter.  We're really excited to have reserved a theater to hold this amazing convergence of talent and to be able to share this talent with our local community.  There are so many locals who enjoy hooping and flow arts who cannot participate in the full event.  This should provide a beautiful opportunity to be inspired and behold the global beauty coming to our little town.   For those of you who drive to HC, we hope you'll consider driving into town and maybe taking a hooping friend or two from the venue with you.  We'll also be coordinating a bus to Carrboro for travelers without vehicles.  Every weekend participant will have free entry to this showcase.  After the performance, Convergers will have the option to visit the Flowjo for a brief reception (and maybe even dance jam:-)


AlleyOop and Revolva are coming out to contribute specifically to this show! 



In the tradition of years passed, we'll have a fire ceremony.  However, instead of having only one evening devoted to burning, we are creating a separate space for people to burn on any evening when inspired.  The fire safety guidelines will be laid out in a few brief meetings.  These will get you prepared to burn responsibly within the venue in the dedicated space.  We trust this will create a comfortable, casual and safe environment for participants to spin fire. 


Jaime Chandra of our local Fire Triangle will be hosting fire meetings and coordinating the burn space.



In the spirit of Hoop Convergence, we will continue to have live music jams for our flowing pleasure; two massage therapists to keep us all grounded and loosened up for all the movement; and fabulous vendors to keep us in-the-know on the latest evolutions in fire & flow tools and spinning in style.  For those of you interested in vending, you will be receiving a form with final questions and details that will confirm your space.


Shellie White & Casey Hayes - massage therapy

Music  - tba



Within the week, you will receive a link to the forms allowing you to submit your requests for cabin mates, travel info for shuttle service and reserve your spot for vending.



There are camping spots, day passes and weekend passes available. We have already bumped two folks to cabins, so you can get on the wait-list for a cabin and potentially upgrade if you prefer the cabin to tent experience.


Camping spots for the full time are $455.

Weekend camping spaces (meals included for Fri evening - Sun evening) are $315

Day passes (no camping, lunch & dinner included) - $100


Please let me know if you need your balance for final payments.


and finally...The Hoop City/Hoop Convergence Scholarship will be announced early next week!!


I can't wait til Spring...I've been dreaming about this Spring's event, our Fourth Hoop Convergence!


In flowing gratitude,


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Julia, I look forward to seeing the schedule and hope to make it one or two days. Looks like another great year.
I am so excited to experience HC! 28 more days! :D


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