This months challenge is inspired by a performance I'll be doing next weekend.  I'll be roving around the event wearing heels!  This is a fund challenge that will make you more aware of what your feet are doing while your hooping.  It also throws an interesting mix into exploring your ability to balance while maintaining momentum with the hoop. Experiment with different height and styles of heels. I find wedges to be the easiest because you have a full heel to work with.  Also *warning* jump throughs can be tricky if you catch the hoop in the arch of the heel, so watch out!  


p.s. This challenge also goes out to the boys!  If you can find a pair in your size. 


•  PRIZE:  Winner will receive a free online Hoop City class of their choice.

•  You can post a video of you experiment or write about your experience, the things you noticed, problems you ran into or what you enjoyed about the challenge.  

•  Please post a photo of the shoes you wore!

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Oh, wow! I'm challenged to walk in heels. Much less hoop in them. Maybe if I start small.....

@Tangled Macrame-agreed! This will be a CHALLENGE to say the least!

Oooh. I tried this once in like October. I'm going to have to try it again. :)

do this often cuz I'm very bad girl ;) HEHEHE

I am so so so so so tempted to do this. And I have the perfect shoes, and yes they have more heel than yours :)

Only thing, I'd probably kill myself, and that would be on y'all!! ^___^ 

I think it would be really fun if everyone posted the height of the heels they use. Measurement would be taken from the floor to the top of the heel (not the top of the shoe). 

I am definitely going to play with different heights to see what the differences are. 

These are my shoes, and the heel is 9 inches. Just measured it :)


Those look dangerous! 

Props for taking the challenge to a new level. 

Drew , are u a drag queen too???? hehehe, u need to get at me cuz those shoes don't fit how I pictured u, although for me, I want em baddddd hahaha!! Hooping in heels is the shit cuz its sooo damn sexy, and shows true balance and control too!! I already got a few vids on my youtube channel but for this, I wanna use some heels I haven't hooped in yet, maybe my wedges hehehe!!

Challenge completed!

Let me start by saying that I gave up trying to learn how to walk in heels three years ago and that’s the last time I had them on my feet. Now I remember why… my legs are killing me! After 30 minutes they were screaming at me to stop and threatened to kick my butt if I ever torture them like that again. I truly admire (and envy) all of you, who can walk in those things every day.

I only own one pair of high heels (well, they’re actually not that high – only 8cm – but for me it’s more than enough), so I couldn’t do much experimenting but here’s what I noticed:

- I moved a lot less than usual because I was scared that I’ll land with my face on the ground,

- my legs felt as if somebody cast the jelly legs jinx on me (and “Unjellify!” did not work),

- I had to constantly think about my moves and be focused all the time, or else I would trip and lose balance,

- after first shock I started to joke around a little bit more and I must say that it’s easier to control your feet in heels than barefoot, because you’re constantly aware of what they are doing,

- although it looks ungraceful, it’s easier to dance in heels than to walk in them,

- the best part of hooping in heels is definitely spinning around, it felt great.


All in all, don’t get me wrong – it was a fun challenge and maybe I’ll try in again in the future, when I finally learn how to walk in those demons (I keep writing “hells” instead of “heels”, I don’t think it’s a coincidence...) but for now, I think I’d rather stay closer to the ground. It may have something to do with my fear of heights ;)


Here’s the video (I have no idea why it looks so blurry...)

You did some ninja moves with heels on! I did not expect to see a foot carry. 

I was thinkin of submittin my vid, but no way i can compete with any of this lol! i may still submit for a laugh, but girl u no joke with the hoop, damn is all I can say :)


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