Alright guys!

Spontaneous suggestion was seconded and, based on partimentary procedure rules, it is now official...

You're October Hoop Flow is (drum roll please).....make a video that coordinates and is inspired by your Halloween costume!

Example: I am being a flamingo this year so I will find a song that has "flamingo" or "pink" or something of the sort in it.

Hope we can have fun a lot of fun with this one! And Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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I had a revelation and remember Nelly and Shake Ya Tail Feather!
I was tagged for the October flow challenge, but I guess I'll do November because this works so well for October. :)
this is awesome, I was supposed to go to a masquerade ball and do my first paying gig for fire dancing and the fire marshall shut me down :( so i had a whole costume prepared and now I can't do it, buttt now that your doing this i get to cause im actually being the element fire for halloween, yayyy you boosted my spirit thanks!<3
Do you mean Labyrinth? They had staff, Poi and fire eaters there...I was waiting for the fire hooper!
Hmmm... silent hill nurse hooping... this could be creepy fun!
This idea is way awesome.... step one.... what to be? :) I am such a procrastinator.
Mom bought a hippy wig for her costume, but it didn't fit in with what she was doing, so I borrowed it. Thanks to my somewhat bohemian tastes, I already had the clothes; just had to accessorize. Wore the outfit to work, freaked out the boss and cracked up the coworkers. Found a couple of minutes and an oldie but goodie to hoop to...

Awesome! And groovy too! Peace to you!
Thanks, Shelley! It was a fun day at the office. :)
Hahaha that's so great! I love your costume and your style. :)
Thanks, Mailee! It was a bit of a challenge with the wig and beads, but I enjoyed it.

Now I know why Cher and all her impersonators do the hair flip and the tongue on the lip thing - they're trying to get hair out of their mouths and eyes! ;)
This is an AWESOME challenge! Too bad I didn't know about this group until last night! Maybe I'll be able to sneak something in. :)


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