Alright guys!

Spontaneous suggestion was seconded and, based on partimentary procedure rules, it is now official...

You're October Hoop Flow is (drum roll please).....make a video that coordinates and is inspired by your Halloween costume!

Example: I am being a flamingo this year so I will find a song that has "flamingo" or "pink" or something of the sort in it.

Hope we can have fun a lot of fun with this one! And Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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I had a revelation and remember Nelly and Shake Ya Tail Feather!
I was tagged for the October flow challenge, but I guess I'll do November because this works so well for October. :)
this is awesome, I was supposed to go to a masquerade ball and do my first paying gig for fire dancing and the fire marshall shut me down :( so i had a whole costume prepared and now I can't do it, buttt now that your doing this i get to cause im actually being the element fire for halloween, yayyy you boosted my spirit thanks!<3
Hmmm... silent hill nurse hooping... this could be creepy fun!
This idea is way awesome.... step one.... what to be? :) I am such a procrastinator.
Mom bought a hippy wig for her costume, but it didn't fit in with what she was doing, so I borrowed it. Thanks to my somewhat bohemian tastes, I already had the clothes; just had to accessorize. Wore the outfit to work, freaked out the boss and cracked up the coworkers. Found a couple of minutes and an oldie but goodie to hoop to...

Awesome! And groovy too! Peace to you!
Thanks, Shelley! It was a fun day at the office. :)
Hahaha that's so great! I love your costume and your style. :)
Thanks, Mailee! It was a bit of a challenge with the wig and beads, but I enjoyed it.

Now I know why Cher and all her impersonators do the hair flip and the tongue on the lip thing - they're trying to get hair out of their mouths and eyes! ;)
This is an AWESOME challenge! Too bad I didn't know about this group until last night! Maybe I'll be able to sneak something in. :)
Great costume and killer moves, lady! :)


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