Hello all you hoopers out there! I am also from the Pittsburgh area, (New Castle actually), and I'm searching for ladies to hoop with, I am fairly new to hooping, but I've got Hoop Fever, especially now that the weather has been so beautiful! I just cannot stop hooping, it's like Hooping has swept me away!

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As you're looking for ladies, I guess that leaves me out. ;) That said, if you are willing to drive down to the Pitt Metro area, we meet once a week at the Union Project for a hoop jam. Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Hi Gary :) I meant to say Ladies and Gentlemen!  Thanks for the invite, I'll try to make it!

I can't believe I've still never made it down for a hoop jam. I really need to go one of these weeks! And hi, Rachel! Welcome to the Burgh!! :)


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