I started a conversation on the front page looking for hoop makers in your area. I'm out in Oregon and have a friend in the Pitsburg area who would like to get their first hoop. I'm not ready to make a hoop and ship it out that way, so I was hoping that there would be a local crafter to help her out. Maybe help her get a travel hoop even as she is coming out to visit in August. Thank you!

Boann Thunderfoot

ps here is the like to the front page discussion http://bit.ly/a4nZc7 

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Hey lady! I am a Pittsburgh Hoop Maker. Feel free to PM me or find me on Facebook for all your hula needs! My friend and I are the ones who run Steel City Hoop Union http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pittsburgh-PA/Steel-City-Hoop-Union/2...


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