Hello Hoopers!!!!!!
I'm organizing a HUGE hoop meet-up/jam at Mammoth Park for Sunday October 10th for WORLD HOOP DAY!
I'm still deciding on two pavilions:
#12 is Lake side, beautiful scenery, flat ground, a nearby playground for children, close restroom facilities, electric, water fountain. Downside: right beside the main walking path used regularly by public; right by the lake means we will disturb fisherman with our music, and limited (but close) parking.
#8 is tucked back in the upper park, beautiful scenery, relatively flat, open ground, away from public, close restrooms (but an uphill walk), close parking (but uphill walk from pavilion) smaller playground equiptment for tots, a volleyball net, water fountain, electric. Downside: Parking and restroom are an uphill walk (about 100 yards), small downgrade hill to one side.
Each pavilion seats about 100 people, although i hope more than that will come to really strengthen the upper east coast area's hoop community!
I will be choosing one (hoopfully) by tomorrow, with your feedback!
I'm hoping that funds will allow me to serve some free food and beer, I"m taking requests for the next week so that everything may be priced out.
I was thinking hot dogs w sauerkraut, potato salad, cupcakes, yeungling?

I also need a rough head count so that I don't run out of anything, or waste anything.

I have a lot of activities planned, and would also like to invite all flow toys out, ie: poi, staff, flag, juggling, etc!

I have some music lined up, if you have or know anyone that will play for free, that is NOT A BAND, please ask them! (there is a separate park fee for dj's and bands, and I only paid for a dj)

If anyone knows a cheap warehouse to get party supplies, ie: plastic cups for a keg, paper plates, utensils, and table covers- pass on the deals!

If there is anything I've overlooked, bring it to my attention, cause, it's been all of two days of loose planning so far.

Hoop to see you out there, and to hear back from YOU!

(more details/flyer coming soon!)

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YEY!! this sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait! let me know if you need any help !
I will definately need some help, I just don't know with exactly what yet because I'm waiting on phone calls and still hashing out plans. I will need a bit of help promoting this event, that's for sure. I'm planning on having about 300 people, I maybe have a head count of 40 so far. Once the flyers are done n printed, I'll pass some along to ya!
One big help I will need is a rough head count. If you'll be there, how many others you'll bring, etc, so that I can plan for the appropriate amount of food/drinks. Everything will be free, although to cover costs we will be setting up donation jars, have a raffle, and sell 50/50 tickets.
I"m waiting for my permit for the pavilion to get here, hopefully it will be #12, lakeside, so PRETTY! I can't wait to see the park in fall, it will be so amazing!
Can't wait to meet up with you and all the other amazing hoopers this area has! I"m so excited!

Sounds great! You need any help passing out fliers I can definitely help with that!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Sure, I got a few Large (full sheet) flyers to put up in parks, gyms, or bars that hoopers chill at, (at least here in greensburg, dunno the pittsburgh situation). I printed one half sheet today, I need to make some color corrections because although it looks good on screen, print is a whole different matter! I got some weird low quality photo paper, and I'm printing front and back, but the back side seems to bleed out. Oh well, the schedule isn't TOO important. It's most likely going to change a little bit anyway.
I'm only printing a total of 150 half sheet flyers, how many do you think you could get rid of?
Also, I'd hate to sound like a greedy asshole, but because the space, food, n everything is free, I'd appreciate if no one was vending there, so I can recoup costs (like$700) by sellin hoops. If you could spread that by word of mouth with the flyers, that would ROCK. I didn't think it was appropriate for the flyer. I know it'd be hard to sell anyway, cause everyone probably has their own hoop, but they will be cheap!
Do you have an address for me to mail your flyers to? (send it to me on a personal message)
Thanks so much! Can't wait to meet you and hoop it on down!
I had an idea for this, but I am not sure exactly how it could go about...I was thinking it'd be cool for everyone that is coming to send ahead a song/mp3 that they like to hoop to...then for a minimal donation (to help your costs!) get an mp3 (to fit more songs, as opposed to a 80 min. limit) disc copy of all the songs people contributed...could be a cool way to get more hooping music!
Well if I don't find a DJ, I figured I'd load up an ipod with crazy hoop music, so if you wanna send me an mp3 that would be cool. I'm totally open to that. I was having a conversation about what I should do for music, and bouncing ideas around with becky, cause I'm sure no one wants to listen to Bassnectar ALL DAY LONG.... :) I"d be pooped!
hahahaha i was just introduced to bassnectar last friday from becky! yeah, i think i'd like to listen to something else besides that. i'll try to come up with a few or so songs...we could even check the music section here!
This sounds awesome! I for sure wanna come. C:
Sounds like a good time and I have the day off so I would love to join in. I have many great memories of Mammoth Park growing up and I've been wanting to hook up with some fellow hoopers. I'm new to the hoop so I haven't had a chance to get out much yet.
This whole event is for people just like you! I'm so excited for it. I'm trying to plan a road trip to dc the day before to see the premiere of the hooping life.... if my car wasn't such junk I wouldn't be worried about it... but when you have a car from 1989 it's sure to be expected! This world hoop day is going to be freaking great! I'm still planning out all the food and everything, and going to have to start a collection, maybe found an AWESOME Dj, (if he can do it), and it seems like everything is falling into place. Can't wait to meet you and hoop it up!
I think the flyer looks great and I'm planning to attend with a friend but what time does it actually start????


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