I am happy to be part of this group, as I think I am the oldest hooper in my community and I would love to hear the insights of other hoopers who hang out with a very young crowd, as I do, or have years of hooping experience. Or even share remedies for aching joints and other age-related hoop pains.

But I am not "still going strong" as the group's tagline suggests. At 43, I am not so old yet and more vital and alive than I ever remember being. I can thank hooping for that. Hooping brings spirit and life to my day. I am fitter, happier and more energetic than ever before. Newly strong.

To me, "still going strong" implies that our strength is unusual or a surprise; we should be going weak. That's not cool. Does this irritate anyone else? Can we come up with a more positive or even just neutral tagline?

Hooping over 40: strong and happy
Hooping over 40: spinning through life
Hooping over 40: a wisdom circle

Maybe those aren't so much better....

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I love spending time with the younger hoopers. They seem not to notice the age difference. We have from 12 through to 73 in my hoop club and we all just meet and hoop!

I have not hooped as much recently as I did. Too many other things to do. But I am hoping to reverse that again now and get back to some sort of daily practice. It certainly does help keep me strong. But then so does everything else. I have no thoughts that I should feel unusual to be strong at my age. But there are hoopers out there who are in their 60's and 70's and they probably do feel proud of their stamina and strength from hooping so the tag is fine, we are just at the early end of it. I like Spinning through life though. That's a nice one.
Circle of Life . . . but I do love "a wisdom circle", too.
How about, "Coming full circle, baby..." LOL! We were all around when Whamo first sold the hula hoop, or for those of you who hadn't yet arrived on the planet, you certainly grew up seeing them and knowing hula hoops were part of the culture. Now they are back better than ever. And so are we.

Honestly, most of my friends are in their 30s and 40s. Most of the time I don't feel age at all. I'm thrilled that I can hoop and inspire others to do the same. There is a woman in my class who is 65. She learned to hoop a month ago and is so excited every time she learns something new.

Hooping helps us to defy the gravity of time and seriousness.

I'm just thrilled to meet other hoopers who are young at heart and full of life. That's what it's all about.
"Still going strong" is an indication that we're gonna weaken soon, LOL. Forties are the strongest time in the lives of most women, physically. The change in hormones allows us to have more strength and stamina. It's a little different for men.

I agree it has a bit of a negative connotation but heck, I'm almost 60 and "still going strong". That line works for me. :)
Hi there. I have to say that I was a bit taken aback by the "and still going strong" tagline myself. I would much prefer "a wisdom circle" or "spinning through life". Maybe we can get Saffire to change it.
I like "Hooping over 40: The Circle of Wisdom, Strength & Happiness!"

Now at 50, with years of hormonal madness & fibromyalgia, I have come out on the other end stronger, happier and with a sense of peace that only the hoop can bring. Go Girls, we rock!!
im 40 my husband gets mad at me because he says i act like im 20 sometimes. i dont think you have to act a certaine age anytime. since i started hooping i have more muscle and strength. i work with children with autism so i need that! i love feeling young! i love hooping. and now i have my 62yr old mom hoopin!
Hooping over 40: but who's counting??

I just turned 40 and just started hooping and I am loving it! I never knew there was a hooping community until now! I don't konw too many other hoopers yet, but the people I hang out with are actually a younger crowd (my husband is 35). We attend the 'young couples' group on Sunday mornings at church and we fit right in! I guess we just still have a youthful mentality (except for my choice in music, which is a vast source of amusement for most of my family). The fact is, I don't feel any older than the younger people I hang out with. More mature than some, maybe, but for the most part we're all just people! :)
Hi just joined the over 40 group. I'm a 1955 baby, had my 55th birthday last month. I got into hooping a few years ago then moved twice! Now I'm settled and ready to start again. Glad I found this group. I'm not alone!
I know, there seems to be a really strong cultural bias out there that indicates that somehow older people can't work out, be fit strong and healthy. Well, we're here to prove them wrong - LOL! Just the very act of getting into hooping now gets one out of that mode and into something much more life-affirming, powerful, sexy, you name it!
In my experience locally, I've found the hooping group one of the least ageist/judgmental groups I've ever encountered - age really doesn't seem to matter at all and we don't even think about it. Yes, I am one of the older hoopers and there are many more younger ones, but that's the way it goes. No one has ever come up to me and told me I'm "too old" to hoop LOL! In fact a lot have been really supportive. 63 here for the record.
I hear you and I too am 43 and agree with what you are saying!

I'm 43 and currently, thru hooping, the most centred mentally & spiritually and the most toned I have been in years (including my stint as a martial artist)

Love life and love the salt in my hair - I earned that as I am now well seasoned ;o)



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