Hi, guys!  I thought I'd ask here.  I'm kind of intimidated by Ravelry.  There's just so much there I get overwhelmed.  I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between "knitting in the round" (using DPNs) and using circular needles?  Do they produce different results?  Is one method preferable to the other for certain things or are they largely interchangeable depending on the knitter's preference?  Could someone give me an the low down on these two methods of knitting?

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Thanks, Queen Loretta, for the information!  Very helpful!  I just bought a pair of circular needles to make a project, so(the instructions for which call for circs).  I guess I will try them out and then find a project that calls for DPNs and see which method I like better.  Honestly, just looking at pictures of stuff being knitted in the round on DPNs frightens me!  I don't know how I'd keep track of what's what with all that action going on!  LOL!  I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I just ordered the starter sampler set from Knit Picks, which has three different circs to try - the wood, nickel plated and acrylic.  So far with straight needles I seem to prefer wood to other materials.  It'll be interesting to see which I like best in the circs.
There isn't a difference in how you knit in the round. If it's a small project (let's say socks) I'd prefer DPNs. But when I've made longies (long knitted pants for kids/babies) I always use my circular needles. Really it is personal preference just like some people like to use bamboo needles over metal ones. I use different types of needles depending on the type of yarn too. Hope that helped a bit. :)
It does, Rhonda, thank you!  So, since you prefer one method over the other, what do you do when a pattern/instructions tell you to use DPNs but you'd rather use the circs.  Is it easy for you to use what you prefer? 
I'll use circular needles over DPNS if I have the right length & size circular to pull it off. I love my Addi Turbos the best, but I mostly knit with wool yarn. If I use a slick yarn (say like a silk blend) i use my bamboo needles because it seems to stick better. I have trouble with all the DPNs sticking out everywhere so yep, I prefer circulars for sure. But I learned how to KIR with them before I ever had any DPNs.


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