New month, new thread.  Would love to know what you yarn-handlers are applying  your creative juices to lately. 


I'm still obsessed with dishrags!  I've made three different patterns, 2 rags of each.  I'm going to start a fourth pattern soon. 


I'm still working on a scarf that's been on the sticks for way over a month.  It's a boring 2x2 rib, so I get tired of it and pick up something else.  I hope to finish it before the month is out.  Not that I'll need it now that winter is over.  Guess I'll stick it in the drawer and have a happy surprise when I dig my scarves out again next winter!


Right now I'm making a cell phone cozy, which is way cute.  Will post pics soon.


And I have vowed that I WILL pick up the damn circs and/or DPNs and teach myself to knit in the round. I need to find a really, really simple pattern to practice.  I started knitting mainly because I wanted to make hats and socks - um, both require me to knit in the round, so I'd better suck up my apprehension and just do it!







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Hi Shelley,

right now I am not working on anything but my mind is very busy :), thinking of doing mary-jane crocheted slippers, they look very cute.

Over the holidays I made few things, phone cosy as well ;), dinosaur hat for my son and my dad, scarfs for my daughter and my mum. I should really post pictures of it.


Jana - Yes, we need pictures!  And we need some of the other Yarnistas to chime in with their latest knitted/crocheted/spun offerings!

The dishrag obsession continues.  I just finished two in a basket weave pattern (really pretty bright yellow and orange), and I'm working on a third yellow/orange combo, this one is a "circle cloth" pattern.  This one is blowing me away! I just started it, and it's technically amazing to me.  LOL!  Can you tell I'm a newbie simpleton who is easily blown away?  Will post pics when it's done. I'm going to give the set of the three orange/yellow rags to my SIL to thank her for hostessing us when we spent a few days in Arizona with her and her husband last week.

I also knitted a cell phone cozy which turned out "okay."  Loved the striped pattern and the colors I used, but it turned out a bit crooked, out of shape and just kind of wonky. I had to knit the seems, and that turned out weird. Plus hand-sewing on the velcro closure and the decorative button was a bitch!  I do NOT sew!  LOL!  Anyway, at least I tried something new. 

I'm going to stick with the dishrags for awhile, but I've vowed that before the month of April is over with, I will have tried the circs or DPNs.


I just made a cell phone cozy too! it turned out cute! DPNs are a piece of cake!


I found a book with the coolest easy headband pattern in it to knit! I made two of them last night they are super quick and you can make several of them from one skein! it's called poems easy headband from the book 101 designer one skein wonders!  I used a self striping yarn but because the headband is skinny it looks like one of those yarns that changes colors  as you go instead of adding striping! I'll have to put a picture up on my ravelry tonight. they turned out great and they really are super easy, and good to sport while hooping too! I used a different size needle for the i cord part though and it still turned out good the pattern is very flexible.

here is the pic i just took of them, the yarn is I love this yarn from hobby lobby the color way is called jazz stripe, i think i really do love this yarn lol!

Super cute, Kortney!  Are they knitted on DPNs or circs?  I had that book out from the library recently, and in fact, I made the wash cloth/dish rag in there.  Kind of a fun, funky pattern.  Will have to re-visit it and attempt these headbands!

the i cord can be made on two double pointed DPNs, basically you just move the work back to the left side of the needle after finishing the row and Carry the yarn behind the work back over to your starting point and start knitting across the row again like normal and just keep repeating until desired length, it sounds like it woulnd't make tube but it surprisingly did, this was the first time i had done an i cord, i am pretty new to knitting still, then after the icord its just stockingette stiches for a bit then garter then stockingette again back to icord and then connect the two ends together. It took me an hour for the larger one and about 45 minutes for the smaller one. After the I cord section you move the stitches back over to you normal needles and work it until you go back to the other i cord :) The i cord is not not really knit in a round so its super easy.

Here are some of the dishrags I've been obsessively knitting.  Once I finish the circular pattern one I'm currently so enamored with, I'll post pics of the three yellow/orange ones I'm giving to my SIL.  



The green and white ones are the pattern from the One Skein Wonder book. 



those are awesome! I haven't tried knitting washcloths yet but i have made a few crochet ones. do you do yours in cotton? I tried using acrylic once on a crocheted one and it didn't hold as much moisture and felt scratchier lol! I have seen some really cool washcloths that are japanese.. i think they are called "tawashi"... but all the darn patterns are in Japanese so I can't read them lol!
Thanks!  I love dishrags.  They're so versatile, quick and it gives me a chance to practice different patterns and techniques. I only started knitting in December, so I'm still quite the newb.  I always use cotton, generally just the Lily Sugar & Cream brand you can pick up at any drug store. I'd like to make some super soft body/face washcloths though, so I think for those I'll invest in some higher quality cotton.  Ooooh, Japanese washcloths sound way cool.  If you ever find a pattern in English, please share!  Have you asked on Ravelry?  There might be someone who has them or someone who speaks Japanese that would be willing to translate some instructions for you. 
you should add me on ravelry! my name on there is kid a :) I hadn't thought about looking on there lol!

 I rarely go to Ravelry.  I find the whole place confusing!  LOL!  Once in awhile I'll go to look for a pattern, but that's about it. My name there is MisKnitz.  I tried looking you up, but couldn't find you.  Next time you're on, look me up and  add me.


I did a search there for tawashi.  Check it out.  Anything here what you're thinking of -


I didn't check everything out, but it looks like most of it is crochet stuff.  There are some knitted things though.


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