I was walking to the subway this morning in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and I saw a girl riding her bike with two hoops over her shoulder. I was so excited to see another hooper in Brooklyn that I almost dropped my coffee in an effort to run to the street and shout "HI!!!", but she was already two blocks away (she was FAST!). It just got me to thinking how much I want to meet other hoopers in my neighborhood. I can't be the only one dropping my hoop all over the place in Prospect Park ;)
So Brooklyn Hoopers, where do you live? Where do you practice? Anyone want to hang with an enthusiastic newbie in the park?

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Hi. I'm a Queens girl, so do stuff there or take classes in Manhattan.

Ann (Hoop Path) is holding monthly jam sessions in Brooklyn if you're looking for indoor stuff: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=119708368084028
Hi Lorelei!

Thank you for sending me the Hoop Path jam session info. I was only aware of her class (i am going to take the Foundations in January), but the Jam session looks amazing! Unfortunately I cannot make Dec 5th, but I'm going to keep an out for another one in the new year.
Hi Alli! I live in Clinton Hill/Fort Green area! I'd love to hoop sometime. I haven't hooped in it feels like forever bc ive been so caught up in school work. But i really miss it and need to start hoopin again!! I usually practice on campus at Pratt in the sculpture garden
That is a great place to hoop! Especially if the sun is still shining. And you totally need a break from school work ;)
I can meet you over there one day. I'm still a beginner (about 2 mos), but I would love hoop together and learn. (i'll send you a PM)
Fingers crossed for great weather this weekend!

Hey! I'm in the LES but I'm always in Williamsburg now at my boy's place. Would love to practice with other people! It's a little cold now, but if you know of any places, please let me know! I'm also new, started in August and I'm always at Loren's classes on Wed's (today!) at the Children's Aid Society or the Monday classes with Stefan at the 14th St Y. Just got back from a few weeks in Colombia and need to get back in practice!

It is so cold now!  I miss the days of hooping outside with total abandon. The only place I have found is the Bed-Stuy YMCA.  I do have to bike there though, and when its freezing its just too easy to say "forget it" and snuggle on the couch!

I don't know about the Monday class at the Y, can you send me the details?

Also, I signed up for the January series with Ann of HoopPath. Her class is at the Lyceum in Brooklyn.

Hey, Alli!  It is cold now, so I've fashioned a nook in my apt., but when it warms up I usually go to the Dog Park on 86th St.  I would love to hoop with you!  I did Ann's fundamentals class last session, and I usually go to the Master's class now (time slot much better--you're allowed to fly up if you feel comfortable). 


One of my prior teaches holds jams a few times a month--I'll let you know if she does another one soon--I missed it on Saturday.  Also, Ann does a free one the first Sunday of every month at the Lyceum.

Hi, this is the DNA hoop jam: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166225376736934 next one is 1/22.


If you're interested in finding out about events in NYC, join Hoopily Ever After in NYC: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=125017754205125

I am digging the HoopPath and fundamentals class. Even though we are working through the basics I already know, like breaks and reversals last week, I am making the motions smoother and faster and more "precise".

I will definitely take the master class next session.  Although I have not yet worked with super light small hoops, I hope to pick some up before and begin working with them. Everyone who comes in for the Masters class is so graceful and lovely with their arm/hoop work. I look forward to learning the power of off body moves!


I would like to attend a hoop jam here in the city.  I am on all kind of lists but just haven't made it happen yet. Maybe we can plan to meet at one sometime :)

Can someone please guide me to a class in Parkslope BK i can hoop but i would love to become a better hooper and would love to get together with anyone.

Hi Ann!


Ann Humphreys of HoopPath is teaching a class in Gowanus at the Brooklyn Lyceum on Tuesdays. She is fantastic!  Here is the link to the details: http://www.hooppath.com/cms/local-classes/


Once the weather warms up I would love to meet up and hoop in Prospect Park! Lets definitely get together :)

Hoopilates sometimes meets in the summers in Prospect Park, but I noticed this last year they didn't keep much of a regular schedule.  http://www.hoopilatesnyc.com/testimonials.php


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