Hoopers! I know we come from near and far, but I invite you to join me in New York this June for a very special hoop happening. I'm gathering 100 hoop dancers to dance in a 10-minute "layered" piece of group hoop choreography, conjuring True Love and other magic. I'd love to have your participation and flow!

The 2011 production can be seen here 

and plans for HELLO!100 are here: www.senseofmotion.com/HELLO100


all love hoopers. 


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When is it? Possibly interested... I would like to know more!

Hey Carol, 

The performance is both June 9 and 10 on Governor's Island as part of the Figment festival. More FAQ's are answered here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zCbn126ktkEFDHWDaOUlNXAnxEJs6F4...

I will be in Ireland that date :( but let me know if any other NYC events are around for me to participate in!

Have a wonderful trip Carol! 

There are loads of hooping activity in NYC all the time. You can follow my events on www.facebook.com/THEBEX, and join the main NYC hoop fb groups: Hoopily Ever After in NYC and NYC Hooping :) 

You can also find a pretty thorough list of classes off the TrooHoops website. 

Enjoy!! Hope to hoop with you city-side sometime soon. 



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