would be a sunday late afternoon thing from like 3-8 or 9ish. We
can't do fire unfort but would have a good amount of space inside plus
tunes and perhaps some pot luck food...lemme know if any and all are
innnterested, prob have a suggested donation of like $5 for the space.

wonderland is at 38-01 23rd ave apt 201 in assstoria. n/q to the end.

mas details soon but that's the basics, hope to see some of yas!

Jim / $¢

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sounds groovy!
I am interested. Is it R or 1 train go there and what trane stope? I am in Staten Island ..
Love and peace.
sounds great!
here's the facebook invite...http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134949856558154#!


Jim / $¢


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