I saw a lot of you mamas are home schooling your kids and am very interested to hear about your experiences. My kids are still too small for homeschooling to be unusual, but I have really mixed feelings about public school, once they get a little older.

So please, share your experiences. The good, the bad, the fun, the frustrating. Are there many resources for homeschooling families? Are you part of any homeschooling groups. How has that worked out...I know Willow touched on this a little. How have you overcome criticism from "concerned" family members? Where have you found support?

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here as well there are programs for home school kids to go on field trips team sports and other things with a local independent school. I believe they call it a C4R school, caters to independent thinking and learning (maybe a haven for certain open minded teachers) I was lucky to send my daughter there for a year and she blossomed there at an amazing speed. unfortunately we can't afford the tuition every year so she now goes to a 70% low income school.
We are in CA, and go through a state charter school. We meet with a teacher every 5 weeks (which is too often if you ask me) to show what we've done and get support. We are on a track where we can use any curriculum except religious ones (for credit anyways, which doesn't really matter to me), go at our own pace, and just be really flexible. It allows us to kind of do unschooling some of the time, but still maintain a structure and have support whenever we need it. Our school also has tracks that you use their prescribed curriculum and you have to stay on their pace, which doesn't work for us. You can't slow down if your kids struggle with something. Our school also has theatre, choir, sports programs, and any number of a myriad of classes from core classes to fun enrichment classes. They also keep all the records that are required by our state, which is great for me because I SUCK at paperwork! I can barely keep our girl scout troop organized! If you can find something like that, I would recommend it to start with, and as you get more comfortable homeschooling you can break away and do it on your own if you want. I think I'll always stay at this one because of the classes and support that I don't have to go looking for on my own. Let us know how it goes...at some point we should all start a Hoopin' Homeschoolers group here! I can do that if you all think it would be cool...let me know!
Hey, not sure if you found the information you needed or not but I got a link for you http://www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/Missouri.pdf
Make sure you read carefully like this "4.“For the purpose of minimizing unnecessary investigations,” parents “MAY provide to the recorder of deeds of the county where the child legally resides, a signed, written declaration of enrollment stating their intent”"

Some things like that are not actually required and if you do that can cause more problems than anything else. In IN we don't have to let anyone know that we home school, therefor no one bugs us or checks up on the kids. The only requirement is that we keep track of the days (180 required.) This is as simple as having a calender for school with 180 check marks on it lol. Also you don't have to enroll them till they are 7 in IN and MO. This gives you 2 years to poke around and see how you can manage this and if it's something you have time, energy, and sanity for lol. Anywho I hope this helps let me know if you have any questions.


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