Im so frustrated!! I cannot get knee hooping. Everything else has come naturally, but ive been trying for two weeks to knee hoop and I can’t even get it to stay up. Ive watched the tutorials, and i get the concept, but the application is not working. help!

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Can you hip hoop(below the hip bone, above the thigh)? I couldn't figure out knees until I had the hips down. Also, which way do you hoop? I hoop to the left and tutorials all said use the right leg as the "pusher" leg. It was easier for me to use my left. I tend to keep my right leg mostly still but loose, and my left moves in somewhat of a circular motion. I hope this helps, let me know if you're still having problems with it.
I can hoop at the hips. I found some tutorials saying to push with either leg now. Im still having trouble but progressing. I hoop to the left. But I still find it easier to push with the right.
im glad you're progressing! It's a hard one to get down. Again, I'm not sure what all you've tried, but keeping your knees loose and sometimes turning does help. Good luck and happy hooping! Keep me updated!
I'm with you on this. All I had was an LED hoop= heavy and lots of bruises, but I made a lighter one (1/2" skinny and 125psi) so I'll let you know how it works for me. I've been watching all the tutorials and can't wait to get the knee bit down!
just practice one move,, shoulders touching ya ears,, right side, left side,, right side,,if ya shoulders are touchin/reachin for ya ears u will get the "shimmy move" down pat,,once u do that, upper body hooping will be easy for u ,,trust me ;) hehehe hugssssssssssss

For me it's the same thing my biggest problem is leg hooping and every time I practice I get massive bruises even though I'm on a light weighted hoop, so I can't practice as often as I'd like since I have to wait for the bruising to go down before I try again :/


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