Howdy Hoop Friends!


Tickets to the 5th Annual HoopPath Retreat (aka HP5) on June 23rd-26th in good old Carrboro, NC, are ON SALE NOW!  Here is a magic link that takes you to a place where ALL the answers live!


We can't wait for this one.  For the very first time, ALL of us will be able to share workshop space!  On Friday evening, Baxter and I will teach the first 4 hours of workshop in the old UNC gymnasium, which will hold 150 (!!!!!) of us AT THE SAME TIME!  So massively and inexpressibly stoked. 


Another big change this year is that we are offering a BUS to take you from event to event!  $70 for the whole weekend's worth of rides!   Actually named (we're not kidding) "The Pimp Bus."  Stripper pole included (again, I do not kid).


Other time-honored events include:  The HoopPather Potluck, hosted by our beloved home crew of hoop meditators; round 2 of the Holiday Inn Pool Party (daytime this year); the Morning Meditation; Wind/Drum Jam, Kava Ceremony, and Fire Ceremony at Beth's (followed by fire spinning); and the Hoopers Ball!!!  Aw yeah!!!


Never ever ever hesitate to contact me with any and all questions, here or at <>


Love y'all & can't wait to REUNITE!!!


warmth & blessings from


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We are SOOOOOO looking forward to this year. It promises to be the best yet! I can't wait to meet and reconnect and hoop and hang out with all of you lovely hoopers who make it to HP5. We are looking forward to a big old hoopdancer family reunion on a very grand scale.
This is going to be amazingly, incredibly & undoubtedly, EPIC!!! I can't WAIT to get back up there! Ya'll have created something that is simply indescribable, my heart is about to leap out of my chest at the memories of last year and the visions of this one! Love, love, LOVE to all you fine HP peeps!
Yay! I bought my ticket! This will make my third year in a row!  Woohoo! Triple goodness:)
Wishing everyone the best time. I wish it was in my cards to go this year. I feel very blessed to be on the path I am on and looking forward to pictures and videos. I hope to be able to come next year! Hoop LOVE-NIKKI


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