Hi there! My name is Kelly. I live in Woodstock, NW of Chicago. I started hooping abour a year ago and have hooped on and off. I am so glad there are other hoopers around! It will be so fun to hoop together! I do not like being stared at alone! ;) With summer coming hopefully we can get some fun summer meet ups going!!!

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Hi :) I'm Jen, I live in Chicago. I just started at the end of February. I can't wait for summer either. I'm so sick of hooping inside.
Hey guys! Im Nichole im from the abnormal town of normal il ;)there are a couple other hoopers around here!Maybe we will see eachother at a festival! Nice to meet ya!
I'm Kayla...I live in Normal as well! I have been hooping for awhile but not too often. I've also got a ton of hoops I made to sell at Summercamp but got lazy and ended up bringing a bunch home! Let me know if anyone would like one! Ps I think we need to all get together soon!
Hi! I'm so happy to finally find other hoopers in the area!!! I just discovered this website like an hour ago, and now I'm here in this group, so I don't really know how everything works. But anyway, I'd love to meet up with you girls and hoop! I started in the beginning of the summer and can't stop, I hoop everyday! I live in Chicago, we should plan a group hoop session some time while the weather is still nice! Peace and Love!
Hello! My name is Natulie. I live in the Quad Cities. I have been hooping for only about a month and have been loving it!
If your ever in the boomington normal area on a sunday we just started up sunday spin day thru october!! At Miller Park from four to six over on the left side behind the tennis courts! The first one was a blast with the drummers and guitarists that showed up to give us music to dance too :) the more the merrier!
Hey! My name is Suzanne and I'm from Normal,Il and have been hooping for a while now. Nichole is one of my great friends and we are doing the Sunday Spin in Miller park through October. It would be so great to see any and all of you there if you can make it. Kelly, I drive through Woodstock all the time! My fiance lives in Richmond, where the corn maze is. Next time I am driving up there maybe we can meet up and hoop so you don't have to be stared at alone. Ha, I know the feeling mama!
Hi, everyone!

I'm Sarah, and I live in Urbana. I started hooping in October of 2009. There isn't much of an interest in hooping in my area, to put it in understatement, so I've been a lone hooper, but I'm hoping to make some hooping converts this summer. Maybe. Don't hold me to it -- I'm easily distracted. ;)

Looks like we've got lots of people in the Chicago area. I wish I could visit more often. I love the city, and of course, Angel Food Bakery is my favorite place for cupcakes. If anyone's ever in the Champaign/Savoy/Urbana area, I'd be happy to point out the good hooping spots and recommend some great restaurants.
Hello, I'm Heather! I started hooping about 7 months ago, but my hoop has also been attached at my hip since the day I started. Hooping is my embrace and my escape and finding at the same time<3 I live in Kankakee, IL (East Central, IL) I go to Chicago beach alot to hoop and I love hearing other people's style of music and to learn a new trick is just so fun! :)
Hi hoopers :) I am from the small southern IL town of Alton (about 45 minutes outside STL) and I am hoping to find some fellow hoopers in my area! We do have quite a bit of action in the city, but it isn't much fun going alone. Glad to meet you all!
Hi there! I'm Sarah. I live in Batavia/DeKalb and I just started hooping this last February. I'm apart of DeKalb Hoop Troop, we're trying to get this group off the ground and so far it's going pretty well. I just found out about hoopcity not too long ago and I'm really excited to be apart of the greater hoop community. Hope to meet and hoop with you all at some point in the journey!
Hey fellow Illinoisans! I guess I'm kinda late on introducing myself but I live on Chicago's southeast side, am a newbie hooper I started in July 2010, not too many hoopers from Chicago but I hope we grow as a state!


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