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I live in Savannah, MO which is about 45 minutes from KC. I am currently five days away from showing my hoops at a local music festival and I am running dangerously low on tape! I usually order from a mix of GoodBuyGuys and IdentiTape. But I am wondering, (because I don't have time to wait on shipping), are there any stores in KC that I can go to to buy good quality vinyl and mirror? I'd rather spend time a couple of hours driving and shopping than wait for tape to arrive via mail due to my current time constraint and there is NOTHING in my area. Any suggestions?

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There really is no local place to buy mirror or grip tape. I buy from ebay, it's cheap, and you can talk to the seller directly about rush delivery. I buy from this seller that is pretty nice, and tape arrives in 2-3 days to olathe, ks. If you buy two rolls she is nice enough to give you a third for free, just ask. If your looking for just vinvly try home depo or lowes they have lots of colors.




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