One hooper that has inspired me in my hooping is GroovinMeGzZ. Last year when I started I remember watching her "LED hoop practice/Younger Brother" video and she was using a 40" hoop. Now, in the video below, she's using a 33" inch hoop, which is what I'm working with right now. I just love how her kick over at the beginning looks so effortless!

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Love Groovinmegzz! And that hoop really does look perfect for her. The smallest I can actually dance with at the moment is 36" (& even then I get a bit tangled up in the step through-- my excuse is that I'm tall-- yeah, that's it) but I keep trying with my minis just for hahas! I don't think I'll ever move tiny for all my hooping but it is fun to keep playing with it. Feels so weightless & fast & free...
My smallest is about 33" too. I like the range of motion it opens up for off-body moves, but keeping it going on my core is tough. I do alright hooping at the chest, but kind of feel like a floppity-fish when it drops down to my waist.

Of course Megz rocks it! I'd like to figure out how she tosses the hoop at 2:30.
Oh, that's her shoulder pop-up! MeGzz made a tutorial and it's on her Youtube but I'm posting it here:

And yea, it took a minute to be able to get used to the 33" hoop but now it's all I use! I use my 36" Grateful Dead Bear hoop Salali made me for teaching but my tiny 33" hoop for everything else. Even had to have Patrick size down my PSI hoop because it felt so large (and it was only 36"!) I find using your stomach muscles more helps with the waist hooping with the tiny hoop.


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