Hello hoopers!  Anyone hooping at Artscape next weekend?  I'm doing a large installation there and was hoping there might be some people to hoop with.


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hey there! I live in Baltimore so I'll be going all days to keep an eye on my install.  It's a fabric piece I've been working on and will cover the entire park along the main stage.  We will basically be securing our own work, they told us that security wouldnt be able to ensure that nothing got broken or stolen.  Let me know what days your going and we can meet up.


Yes yes ! I will be at artscape with my hoops:-

awesome, I'll be at the checker board flags on top of the hill from the main stage.  Let me know if your going all days or just one, we can try to meet up.


I will be there tonight around 7:30...I might come on Sunday too.  Bringin my LEDs since it will start getting dark around then!


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